Christmas 2018

Hey lovelies,

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and I wish everyone the best for 2019. This post was going to be like a run down of all Christmas things so presents, what I did, what I ate etc. I’m not going to do that – I had a very emotional Christmas. This post is just a run through of some presents I got since I did do a Christmas wish list post.

I’ve just chosen some of my favourite things to include, see below and please comment and let me know how your Christmas was/ whether you got the presents you were hoping for!

Soph x Revolution – this palette has been something I’ve wanted for a few months now. Yes it’s affordable and I could have just bought it myself but I have so much eyeshadow and full disclaimer I don’t wear it a lot because I get up too late when I’m in work to do like real makeup. But this palette, firstly I’m a massive fan of soph’s I think she’s such an entertaining and honest YouTouber. Secondly, I adore the shades in this palette it has everything I would want and it has a big arse mirror which I need cause I’m constantly travelling and my Morphe palettes don’t have a mirror! So big thank you to Matt’s mum, I was made up with this gift!

I love a practical gift and I’m obsessed with this. It’s a mini rechargeable electric shaver and it’s the perfect size for like your top lip, inbetween your eyebrows and now I want like a full sized one for my legs, so quick and effortless! 10/10 gifting from my brother.

I. Nearly. Cried. I have wanted to see Little Mix for SO LONG my mum seriously out did herself. I’m going to see them on 22nd October 2019 at Liverpool Echo Arena with my mum and one of her friends from work who is brilliant and fab to get drunk with! Safe to say I’m excited. Is anyone else going??

Finally, has anyone seen those makeup bags that you basically open up flat and throw all your makeup into it and then pull the strings. I can’t get a good picture of it but if you know, you know. And I was so so happy with that because I travel so much and my makeup bags just don’t ever fit everything and one of them BENT an eyeshadow brush. Again- love a practical gift.

Shooooes, so I’ve seen so many people on social media insulting these and fairs if you don’t like them but I saw my manager wearing them in work about 2 months ago and thought they were so nice and I never like ever have nice shoes. I live in converse which are just cute. So I was happy with these and another pair of converse!

Thanks for reading – I’m off for a nap.

RJ xo


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