Makeup Tools I cannot Live Without!

Hey Guys,

My blog was 1 year old this year. I have loved this past year getting to know so many lovely people in this community and get opportunities that I never thought I’d get!

In ‘honour’ of my blogs birthday I thought I’d recreate my first ever blog post – an updated version – and I may do this every year, idk. If you want to read my first post it lives here.

My first post basically covered what products I recommend to do your makeup with. The tools that at a basic level I need not want.. NEED. I do find that certain products work better with certain brushes or application techniques so a product you hate could need some trial and error based on the tool you’re using!

  1. Beauty sponge – big fan of real techniques sponge, extremely affordable and it works well. This hasn’t really changed from last year, still love a bargain! I love this for applying cream products so foundation/concealer and also using a wet beauty sponge is a really effective technique for setting your under eye! Sounds odd but it works! Really presses the powder into your skin!
  2. Bronzer brush – okay so the brush I use for bronzing is the Morphe R14. Pretty affordable and excellent quality, for a dupe Primark have an excellent bronzer brush that is pretty much identical to the Morphe one and again it’s affordable, I’m not sure how much as it was a gift but it’s from primark so guaranteed to be affordable. This brush is good for techniques such as dabbing on bronzer and gradually blending product out.
  3. Crease brush – again Morphe is my option I use the, Ive tried real techniques brush sets for the affordable option, I’m just not a massive fan of the quality of those brushes for blending out transition/crease shades.
  4. Eye brow brush – so I bought the Milani eyebrow pomade and it came with a brush (bargain). However, if you’re just looking for a new brush nyx do good quality eyebrow brushes with or without a spooly on the end, I personally will always want one!
  5. Powder brush – I was lucky enough to be gifted unicorn cosmetics brushes. I received this one and the contour brush below and they are amazing quality for afffordable prices. I do have a primary powder brush however I’ve yet to see a brush as good as the UC one for grabbing powder and it’s v v soft!
  6. Contour brush – again UC contour brush. Not majorly precise but works well for me, mine is a little out of shape cause I just abuse this brush. Grabs powder well and blends out contour beautifully!

P.S cheeky plug – if you’re interested in the UC brushes you can get 15% off by using the code RJ15 – this is an affiliate link.

If you guys liked this post (or last years post) and would like to maybe see one on application tips please feel free to let me know!

RJ xo

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