Festive Fortnight: 2019 Goals

Hey lovelies,

The other day I uploaded a reflection upon this year so today I’m going to do a goals post for next year. I’m not really into ‘New Years resolutions’ because they’re always ‘I will not do this’, ‘I will do less of this’ and that’s very negative in mine and my hair dressers opinion SO – let’s set some goals. Some positive things to work towards.

Also – I get that people set resolutions but maybe instead of ‘I will not eat junk food’ have a goal to eat more healthy meals – see, just gotta put a positive spin on these things.

My goals – I like that I’m writing this post and haven’t really thought much about next year – 10/10 for being organised RJ

  1. 4000 Twitter followers
  2. 1000 Instagram followers
  3. 10,000 annual blog views
  4. YouTube channel setup/ IG videos
  5. Flat/ house with Matthew
  6. New car
  7. Start exercising again
  8. Go into final year of uni actually prepared
  9. Learn to speak more openly about my problems/ how I’m feeling
  10. Be able to do a wing liner with confidence and without wasting a lot of my time!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, 2 more days to go! One more Festive Fortnight post.

Have you thought of any goals for next year?

RJ xo


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