Festive Fortnight: 2018 Reflection

Hey lovelies!

This time of year is the time when everyone reflects/reviews their year and the things they’ve achieved and things they want to achieve in the future. I love posts like this so if you’ve done a post like this be sure to share down below so I can check it out!

No ones life or year or even a month runs perfectly, people face rollercoasters and that’s what makes life an actual journey. Despite that, my year in a look, at a glance was positive. Not perfect, but I won’t be walking into 2019 looking back with regrets about this year.

I’ve picked a few things from this year that I will be carrying with me and that stand out for me.

Firstly, if you follow me on any form of social media (cheeky plugs: Instagram & Twitter) you will be fully aware that I managed to catch myself a very cute, very tall, very lovely boyfriend. And honestly, my year would have been so so different without him to brighten it and support me.

We’ve been dating for about 10 months – 10 months tomorrow actually, aw. And I’ve never met someone so naturally kind and caring, he’s fab.

I also think this year I’ve became a better person, I’ve done a lot of self growth. I don’t know if that’s from Matt’s influence, me starting to work full time, moving away from my family – idk. But I genuinely really like the person I’ve turned into recently.

Memorable Events

  • Feurteventura with my family
  • Amsterdam with Matt
  • Demi Lovato with thy bestie


  • I tried pizza after 21 years of being nagged
  • My wing liner is actually like passable in public
  • Met all my blogging goals
  • Moved out all by myself
  • Actually starting to like myself

Positive year for me – I hope everyone has had a lovely year! And I hope 2019 brings positivity for everyone!

4 days until Christmas!!

RJ xo

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