Festive Fortnight: Christmas Wish List

Hey lovelies – Christmas is so so close and I’m so so excited.

Every year me and mum exchange lists of things we would like as Christmas present – some helpful inspiration. For me this usually includes makeup, shoes and for mum usually things like perfume and a bag. We are very much creatures of habit in that sense.

We do this in like November and then the closer it gets to Christmas the more I will see things and be like ‘Oo I want that’ and it annoys me so here’s my top 3 things I would have asked for!

This set is just so inclusive of everything you would need for an eye look – since I lost my makeup brushes my eye brushes in particular are a bit sparse and I struggle to do more technical looks without the brushes I’m used to! – Morphe Eye Brush Set

Merch Hoodie – Sylvia Gani Merch – now this was on my original Christmas list – however, if you follow Sylvia you’ll know she has issues with her original merchandise launch and the hoodie below is from her second lot of merch. This set came out after I spoke to thy mother about the issues with her original merch – so was removed from my list. But it’s so pretty!

New Beats – So I’ve had beats for a while and I adore the sound quality, I’ve always had ones that need a wire just because they’re more affordable. I ordered my latest set in July and the connection on them is already a little weird. I’ve ordered replacement wires and this time I actually think it’s the connection where the wire goes in that’s causing issues. I now have major regrets on not ordering wireless ones!

Let me know what you’ve asked for/ what you’ll be buying for yourself during sales!

RJ xo


  1. I really don’t need any new makeup brushes but after seeing that set is on sale and how many brushes you get it’s quite bad I actually considered getting it.. woops! I’d love to try Beats headphones one day but I just can’t justify the price when I don’t use headphones that often, those rose gold ones are gorgeous though!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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