Festive Fortnight: Office Christmas

Hey lovelies,

There is now less than a week to Christmas and I’m so excited!

Working in an office this year for the first time has really added something new to my Christmas experience. Although, I do have a note on my laptop to tell me how many days until I can finish for Christmas – I have enjoyed the Christmas spirit in work.

From putting up the decorations – there’s a lot of tinsel – to Christmas team lunches, Christmas nights out, secrets Santa, manager’s giving back to teams. I honestly have loved the Christmas vibe!

Team Fuddle – okay so does anyone know what a fuddle is? Because I had no idea until my line manager said it – I think it’s a Yorkshire thing. Basically a picnic/buffet. We did this and everyone brought in ALOT of food and the whole team got together and we were very full for the rest of the day – Oo and someone on my team brought in home made brownies and I was so so happy! I loved that this got everyone together!

Secret Santa – clearly the secret Santa tradition still lives in offices. This was actually my first ever secret Santa and I took it v seriously.

I found something so so good for the person I’d be given and it actually has YET to be delivered and we did secret Santa last Thursday so I had to rush around and find something else. Gutted about the gift and annoyed that I haven’t had a refund yet either!

So this is what I received from my secret Santa! I’ve yet to open it because I’m annoying like that – I don’t really like opening presents before Christmas and I’m the same with birthday presents tbf. Which did greatly bug my team!!

Thanks for reading guys.

Does anyone have any nightmare secret santa stories?

RJ xo

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