Festive Fortnight: What I love about Christmas

Hey lovelies,

Most (not all) people loooove Christmas and I feel like although Christmas is celebrated by millions of people, everyone loves it for different reasons and celebrates in a different way! So here’s an insight into me and my Christmas loves!

  1. I just adore that Christmas is a family time. I love being around my family and we don’t all live near each other so having an excuse to be around each other to me is just lovely! Not even that, it’s just a time for people in general to get together and be happy!

2. It’s cosy af. Not just Christmas but this time of year is just full of comfy hoodies, nights cuddled up with a movie, bright lights. I’m such an indoor, nap type of girl so this time of year is my excuse to be an introvert and cuddle with my cat!

3. The food – obviously – pigs in blankets – enough said.

In all, Christmas is just a cosy time of the year and the general happiness and festiveness is clear to be seen and I for one embrace it!

Let me know what you love about Christmas!

RJ xo

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