Festive Fortnight: Family Traditions

Hey lovelies,

In my honest option family is the core to everything at Christmas. Yes food and presents etc are lovely but it’s such a good time to connect with family and share some love! I for one adore traditions and think they should be upheld by my family and they are aware of this!!

  1. Christmas Film Night – every year me, my uncle, my Aunty and my mum get together to watch a cute festive film, order food and catch up. I love this in general because my uncle is so important to me and I don’t see him as much as I would like! Oo, we also go round and look at Christmas displays, so pretty!
  2. Dad’s side of the family – so my dad and my nanny live in Liverpool and my Aunty and cousins live in north wales. Getting us altogether does happen throughout the year just not as much as I would like! For aslong as I can remember at some point between Christmas and New Years we’ve had a little get together, food and board games! Such a good time for everyone!I was so impressed with this tree/light thingy 10/10 Christmas cuteness
  3. Christmas Shopping – this is somewhat of a new tradition, something me and my mum started doing as I got older and was fun to be around, haha. Every year me and mum go Christmas shopping together, grab some lunch and attempt to buy everything we need in one quick swoop – it took us literally 4 hours this year!

I have some Christmas Eve traditions also, but I shall post these on Christmas Eve! Let me know if you have any traditions, anything you really look forward to at this time of year!

Only 10 days to go….

RJ xo

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