Festive Fortnight: Winter Favourites

Hey lovelies,

Does anyone else’s skin just get battered in the cold weather?

My face is dry/combination and certain parts of my face go so so dry in winter and I just need some products to tackle this! Additionally, I suffer bad with eczema pretty much all year around but any colder weather just aggravates this even more!

This post has my go to winter skin savers! Hope this helps someone!

  • Face – botanics day cream – so hydrating and general improves the condition of my skin!
  • Lips – Dr PawPaw lip balm or Carmex, so so hydrating – helps my lips stay moisturised and works quickly when I forget!
  • Skin – dove moisturiser and body shop hand creams are a must for me. If you suffer with really dry skin I also get a prescription to help the dryness and one to keep my skin soft!
  • General tips – make sure to adapt your skincare routine in winter the same way you would in summer to protect your skin! Feel free to comment or DM on my socials if you need any skin help!

Do you have any hero products or any helpful tips, let us know down below!

RJ xo

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