Festive Fortnight: 2018 makeup storage

Hey lovelies,

For my last post I detailed the makeup I’ve been loving this year. Disclaimer: I own a lot more makeup than that! Moving into my flat the one thing I struggled with was storage and particularly where can I keep my makeup? I’ve come up with somewhat of a system – slight controlled chaos.

1. Eye products – I keep all mascara/eyeliner/brow products/glitter toppers/ primers etc in one little bag all together. This makes it easier for me to not lose my little eyeliner brushes or not crush eyebrow pencils under the weight of other products! In the photo above this is the beige long bag!

2. Lip products – of course my lip products are in a lip shaped tub, this tub was actually the packaging for the Huda Lip Kit I purchased this yea. It’s a tin and it’s the perfect length for lip liners. It’s not massive so has my go to lip products in mainly and my other lip products go into a ‘miscellaneous’ box under my beauty table!

3. Daily products – the products I use on a daily basis (usually for work) sit in a glass tub on my desk. This is so I can easily teach for them and it’s the perfect size for a full face of makeup!

I really love this tub in general, it was a gift off my uncle and is personalised with my name on! How cute!

4. Back ups – on the picture above of my desk you can see a big white makeup bag, this does zip up, although I’m not sure it would if I tried! This is my back up make up bag, when one of my daily products it’s running out I may switch out products to not waste one. Or if I have particular skin concerns I switch out primers/foundations and it’s nice to have those products on my desk so that when I get up late I can quickly get ready!

Additionally, I travel a lot to see family/boyfriend so I’m often moving my makeup around, when I’m organising makeup to travel with I often just grab a few things out of this bag!

5. Palettes – so you can’t see my eyeshadow palettes on the photo. However they are behind my mirror. I keep my go to palettes on my desk but do have a box of palettes under my desk these are often ones that are smaller as the majority of palettes on my desk are the Morphe ones with 32 shades and then a few contour/blush palettes on top.

Let me know if you have organisation tips that improve upon my controlled chaos!

RJ xo

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