Festive Fortnight: Christmas Tag

Hey lovelies,

Welcome to Day 2 of my Festive Fortnight. For this post I’ve put together a Christmas Tag type of post with a list of festive questions for people to answer!

  1. Favourite Christmas film?
  2. Christmas jumpers – cute or tacky? Show a pic of your fave!
  3. Do you have any Christmas traditions?
  4. Have you/ will you be visiting any Christmas markets?
  5. Christmas Day – cute or lazy outfit?
  6. What’s your advent calendar this year?
  7. Is your tree up? Pics please.
  8. Are you spending Christmas at home or away?
  9. Favourite Christmas song?
  10. Favourite Christmas episode?
  11. Favourite Christmas memory?
  12. Are you doing Blogmas? Any festive posts? Let us know!

I can’t wait to see everyone’s answers, be sure to tag me/ link back to this post so I can see your answers! People have been tagged on my Twitter page!

Happy 2nd day of Festive Fortnight!

RJ xo


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