Festive Fortnight: OFFICIAL Celebration Ranking

Hey lovelies,

Welcome to my Festive Fortnight. I shall be posting a Festive/End of Year post EVERY day for the next two weeks up until Christmas Eve, I haven’t felt this organised with my blog in so long – I’m proud of me.

Let me know what you think of ‘Festive Fortnight’ in the comments.

For my first post, I’ve seen a lot of posts about which chocolates are top tier and which are bottom tier so I’m going to give my view.

Disclaimer: yes I like chocolate but it’s more that hormones drive me to chocolate I’m not a MASSIVE chocolate fan, so as you will see below my go to ones are the less chocolate-y options!

  1. Twix – this is my favourite chocolate in general so it’s got to be first. Sorryyy.
  2. Milky Way – second place, they’re so just so light and easy to eat after that HEAVY Christmas lunch.
  3. Maltesers – just a classic, always going to be fights over this one!
  4. Mars – dibs. enough said. Mum I’m talking to you, these are now mine.
  5. Galaxy Caramel – I enjoy these just find them to be a heavier/sicklier chocolate.
  6. Galaxy – same as the above but no caramel so.
  7. Snickers – ew no
  8. Bounty – ew no but with coconuts

Let me know your thoughts,

RJ xo


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