10 things I just cannot live without

Hey guys,

I’ve been travelling and moving around a lot recently! Constantly being on the move has highlighted some things that I really feel like I need a lot of the time!

1. Bobble – my hair is just a nightmare tbh and I probably end up tying my hair up at some point most days! It’s just so much easier for my hair to be tied up and out of my way!

2. Hand cream – If you follow me on IG you will know I’ve been loving the new peppermint candy cane hand cream from Body Shop, it’s not necessarily something I need I’m just obsessed at the moment, I forgot to bring it to work today and it was upsetting!

3. Moisturiser – this is a NEED like I need moisturiser like regular people need food and water. My skin is horrific, it doesn’t take much for my skin to dry out or eczema to flare up, I just always need to be able to hydrate my skin!

4. Coffee – if it wasn’t for coffee I wouldn’t be awake for as long as I am in daily life! No lie.

5. Earphones/ Headphones – this is a key one especially when I travel, things like music or a film or an episode of my favourite tv show are always a must for looong journeys!

6. Book – this is the one I always forget, I love just having something available to read. This is key when travelling! For the journey and to kill time when I inevitably show up like half an hour early for anything I do.

7. Snacks – Im just one of those people that eat when they’re bored so haven’t some form of snack for me to pick out throughout the day is very ideal for me! I also get very annoying when I’m hungry!

8. Phone! – need I say any more. I spend most of my spare time on social media! I wouldn’t enjoy going that long without my phone because without my phone I can’t talk to my boyfriend as he lives like 200+ miles away so my phone is my connection to him!

9. Alone time – okay obviously this one isn’t a physical item but it’s important for me. I suffer with anxiety, it’s not as bad as it used to be, but I do struggle to just constantly be around people, I do need time to step back and enjoy my own space.

10. Cosy Jumper – girl it’s winter I’ll always have something cosy and warm with me!

Thanks for reading guys! What can you not live without?

RJ xo


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