Festive Favourites

Hey guys!

Since Halloween has passed it is officially Christmas time and there’s no better way to get in the spirit than watching some classic festive films with family or friends! Keep reading if you want to know what films I’ll be forcing everyone to watch from now until the 25th December!

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  1. Santa Clause – this has been my favourite Christmas film since I don’t know when. It’s one of those classic films that all the family can enjoy watching! If you haven’t watched it I’ll give you a quick over view (no spoilers -promise). This film shows a father and son relationship at Christmas following the father accidentally becoming Santa Clause (hence the title) as a disclosure I’m also a big fan of Santa clause 2, number 3… not so much!
  2. A Christmas carol – the one with Patrick Stewart – I honestly think this is one of the most underrated Christmas films. It’s tradition in my family to watch this either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and I feel like no one else has really watched it or appreciates how well this film catches the classic story of Scrooge! To be honest this probably ties first with Santa Clause I just binge watch Santa Clause through out this period!
  3. White Christmas – this is like perfect 1950s musical vibe in a Christmas film. If you haven’t heard it, it follows the story of two ex soldiers when they meet 2 sisters and basically throw together an epic Christmas show to save the inn that their former commanding officer owns! This literally covers everything that Christmas is about! Love it.
  4. Love actually – need a say more. It’s so heart warming and lovely, if you say you don’t like this film I won’t believe you. For those who haven’t watched it, this film follows the lives of many groups of people during Christmas time, whether that be falling in love, new friendships, getting over infidelity and finding happiness.

Thanks for reading guys! Let me know if you have any festive favourites! And let me know if you have anything specific you want to see during Blogmas

You have been blessed by the festive fluff!

RJ xo


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