21st Birthday Wish List

Hey Guys,

I’ve seen this type of post floating around and I’ve done my Beauty Bay wish list in the past and you guys seem to like that! If you want to have a look at that click here.

I’m 21 in October and I have so many fun things planned to do and I’m genuinely debating on buying myself a birthday present…. so here’s my list I’m currently debating with!

  1. Camera – I don’t have a particular camera in mind because if I pick one and then can’t afford it I’m gonna sulk. I really want to improve my photography for Instagram and I also want to get into creating YouTube videos – a tripod also would fit into this.
  2. Merch – did ANYONE see how cute and simple Sylvia Gani’s merch is, I like need a fellow s club member to talk to about these things because no one is as hyped as me that I know, her hoodies are $49 which I believe is like £38 ish plus shipping and import so it’s a high cost for a hoodie but sometimes you have to treat yourself!
  3. Makeup – I mean obviously. I tried Huda’s liquid lipstick recently and I’m inlove – a review will be appearing shortly…
  4. Clothes – is it just me or when the weather goes a little bit colder do you feel like you need new cute jumpers and ‘fall outfits’ because this happens to me every year! I saw the cutest polo’s in M&S the other day but they’re far tooo expensive for my regular spending.
  5. Electronics – how vague am I? I want to try the face mask thingy (great blogger, great terminology)… the neutrogena light therapy acne mask. My skin drives me insane and although it isn’t anywhere as bad as it used to be I’d love to give this a go.

There you go, that is my quick ‘what would I buy for myself if I had the money’ ‘can I buy myself birthday presents’ type of post. I hope you guys liked this, I love these posts so if you’ve done one please drop your links below and let me know your thoughts on my list!

Happy WordPress Wednesday.

P.S I’d be happy with balloons, a cake and good company!



RJ xo


  1. You can totally buy yourself stuff! I love reading wish lists… definitely got the Autumn feels now after that jumper one!

    P.S.I got my tripod from Aldi for £15 and it’s never let me down since! – it was about 6 years ago though x

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