To all the boys I’ve loved before

Hi my lovelies…

I watched a film last night called ‘to all the boys I’ve loved before’ hence the title…

I’m not doing a film review, never have, never will… maybe.. I don’t know. What I want to do is like briefly mention what the film is about and then let you guys know what it made me think about because I watched this film and I was like ‘oh my gosh’ and my lil brain kicked in like fully analysing my life.

Plot: Without ruining the film (because I want you guys to watch it) the film follows the life of a girl who had never had a boyfriend. She had crushes in the past but never acted on them and dealt with her feelings by writing a letter and never sending it to them (like an emotional outlet). In the film her letters get sent out to her 5 crushes and she ends up ‘fake dating’ one of them to hide her feelings about another guy… that’s all I’m giving you… please go watch it.

What I took from this film: without giving away much this film made me think about how people and myself can often buy into the ‘fantasy’ of being with someone and can fall in love with the idea of love and romance over the actual person you’re with or have feelings for. I’d be lying if I said I was guilty of this.

I’ve dated people in the past and got so excited about dating then to realise I’m more into the idea of romance. Like I love love but I’ve probably forced myself to be more into a person than I actually am. Granted that’s probably why I date people for a few weeks and then it fizzles out.

Thinking about the message in this film just made me feel so much happier about the person I’m in a relationship with now. I love him for him and not any ‘ideals’ or ‘fantasies’ and that’s honestly such an amazing feeling.

I want to say to people who may be a lil like me and have just dated someone because they want to be in love or want some romance… don’t waste your time with someone you know isn’t for you, if any part of you deep down doesn’t think this person is right for you then you owe it to yourself to be with the person who removes all those doubts. You also owe it to that person aswell.

I hope you guys liked this post, a little different for me. Just feeling the love today.. it’s actually mine and my boyfriend’s 6 month anniversary and I can’t work out if I feels like more than that or less than that!

Loving you lot!

RJ xo


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