July Round Up

Hey Guys,

Is anyone else bored of the warm weather yet. My one main summary for July would be that I’m too warm. Autumn is my fave, about 12 degrees is my comfort zone in all honesty guys. A cute sweater is my comfort zone, not sweating in leggings.

I figured for this round up post I would incldue other elements not purely makeup or skin care because who doesnt want to share their entire lie on the internet!

Entertainment: I HAVE WIFI IN MY FLAT, PRAISE THE BINGE WATCHING GODS.Handy tip, if you swap between binge watching two shows at once you don’t get bored of binge watching. I’m currently onto season 11 of KUWTK (never watched before) and season 4 of PLL (I have previously watched this). Has anyone else seen the new Mamma Mia? What are people’s thoughts? I like the film as a whole, however, the songs in the first 30 minutes were ridiculously underwhelming in my opinion, just didnt live up to the forst one, but it got better and I would happily watch this again! Also, the latest purge is probably the best out of all 4, just saying. On the book side of things, I havent actually read anything new this mknth, well Ive started a new book called ‘Der Amy’ but im still on the first 100 pages, I cant make my mind up with it yet. I thinks its a good storyline it just does seem to drag a little, has anyone read this? It’s by Helen Callaghan.

Food: Ive had more TGI’s than I’m proud of recently. I have been so obsessed with muller yoghurts though, they’re soo good and Tesco sells 12 for £3 and that is an actual bargain. I did try the sepcial edition Cherry Bakewell ones and I’m sorry but it just doesn’t work in the slightest.

Makeup: Im not going to talk about makeup too much, because I have had to buy a load of makeup recently and I’m currently making my way through that and a haul post will be forthcoming.

Life update: Oh my gosh, when did I last do a life update?? what can i tell you that you dont know from twitter?? Erm, my sleeping pattern has taken a beating recently, going from being a student to working full time is NOT an easy process. Also, one of my friends back home just had a baby and it sucks not being there to meet her. I’m hating missing these things! I also miss my boyfriend, long distance relationships are not fun! Everyone is far away! Have any tips for me?? Leave them below

That’s all from me! Thanks for reading, I hope everyone has a nice august and i hope the weather cools down (sorry not sorry)

RJ xo


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