Book Review – Angels can’t swim

Hey Guys,

I recent received an email from the lovely Alexandra McCann asking me to read and review her new novella. (I say recently, it was pre-bug infestation, so like a month ago). As a disclaimer: I received the opportunity to read her novella for free, but that doesn’t alter my ability to give you an honest review.

I finally got around to reading her book this week and I genuinely enjoyed the story line and the way it was written. I’m going to give you guys a rundown of what this book is about, the same way I usually do for a book reviews,  I’m going to try to not include too many spoilers as I really think you guys should read this.

Plot – this book focuses on the lives of 3 girls who are all part of their college swim team. This book isn’t about swimming though. This book follows their lives and the different struggles that they face from pregnancy, mental health issues and coming to terms with who you are.

Main Characters –

  1. Maggie – More reserved member of the group, comes from a strict Christian family.
  2. Eden – Struggles with who she is (homosexuality and eating disorder)
  3. Jenna – seemingly confident girl, boy obsessed.
  4. Ted – their coach.

Structure – This book has 16 chapters and 100 pages. 16 chapters seemed like a lot to me when  I was aware of the size of the story. However, I have to stay the way Alexandra has set out the chapters actually works with the story. Each chapter highlights something distinct happening to the girls.

The first couple of chapters help to introduce the story with chapter names such as ‘Weekdays’ and ‘Weekends‘ you can clearly see what the focus will be the for the next 10 or so pages.

I also enjoyed the continuation of the water theme with chapters such as ‘Riptide’.

Overall opinion – I did enjoy reading this, however, I do wish it was longer. This took me approximately 90 minutes to read; which is fine if you like a quick read. My preference is to spend days reading the same book and having chance to fully get into reading something.

I adore that this covers a wide range of problems that girls my age could be facing and it genuinely shows how they start to deal with their issues which I think is such a positive!


For anyone interested in seeing more from Alexandra, you can follow the link to her blog here.

For anyone who is facing any issues covered in this book please see the relevant links below:

Mental Health UKMHUK Just Giving Page

Roach Literary Award – Helping those with Mental Health through the power of writing!

LGBT Foundation

Thanks for reading,

RJ xo


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