I had to throw away all of my makeup brushes!!

Hey Guys,

This isn’t ‘click bait’ legit threw away TWO YEARS worth of brush collecting. So sad, I wanted to cry.

Why did I throw them away? – my flat was invested with bird mites and honestly would you want those brushes on your face. Nope. Me neither.

I was actually planning a ‘brush run down’ post so I do have pictures of my whole collection just to give you guys an insight of what I had to throw away!

okay, its not a massive collection but now I have less so I’m sulking. I have bought or should I say RE-BOUGHT Laura Lee’s Morphe brush collection, which I have previously reviewed and loved. Hence why my brush run down post is now very pointless. I did buy a Milani eyebrow brush and I can tell you now that it’s horrid, too short and just awkward to work with!

Honestly, the thing I hate is that I’ve lost my eyeshadow brushes. I’ve said in so many posts that I adore the creative side of makeup and now I’m limited or should I say challenged by what I can actually create with what I have.

I’d love some suggestions on any affordable, yet good quality eyeshadow brush sets available in the UK or any brush subscription boxes here in the UK! Orrrrr give me some inspiration for eye looks! Message me on Twitter or Instagram and challenge me!

Thanks for your patience with my posts guys. I’ve not had a laptop or a flat for a couple of weeks.

RJ xo


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