East Riddlesden Hall – Where have I been??

Hey Guys,

Me again.. anyone remember me? Yeah me neither. Sooo I haven’t posted for a while… again. You will never believe what happened to my laptop… it got infested… with bugs… like my ENTIRE FLAT DID. Bird mites came through a crack in my wall. 10 days of not being in my flat, doing 100 mile round trip to work, replacing laptop, makeup, bedding.. and now I’m finally back into my normal schedule. (Let me know down below if you want to see the makeup haul to replace my makeup!)

Before all this drama I had a nice time in Yorkshire. More to the point me and my boyfriend went to visit East Riddlesden Hall (ERH) which I believe is in Keighley… correct me if I’m wrong.

ERH is a national trust property, which for those of you who may not be aware these are placed all over the UK and are run and maintained by the National Trust which is a government ran charity, usually working off donations and income from their properties. I’ve been to a few National Trust properties throughout my childhood as my mum likes older places and going on mini adventures.. as does my boyfriend…

We arrived around 11am, I live in Halifax, probably about a half an hour drive, may have been less if my little car could deal with the hills in Yorkshire! When we arrived the staff in the reception/shop were so welcoming and I had a lovely conversation with the guy that welcomed us. He gave us some information about the property and maps showing where National trust properties are.

We spent maybe around 90 minutes walking around. A nice thing about National Trust properties is that you will always find people in any room you go in to that are willing to answer and any questions and give you more of a back ground to the property…

This particular property has been around for hundreds of years and has constantly been developed the original building is actually tiny and is now hidden amongst the estate. Like most older properties you have the chain of family heritage and family members inheriting the property. We were given details of disputes over this property and I can see why; it’s stunning. Some gorgeous detailing as you can see from the picture above!

If any of you guys follow me on insta you will have seen pictures of the scenery from my visit. The back garden in particular had some lovely views!

My boyfriend took this on his little iPhone5, excuse the blurriness!

Before leaving we enjoyed some lunch and routed through the gift shop, I got a cute little Yorkshire fridge magnet.. all part of my plan to make my flat feel like home! For those of you who aren’t aware, I recently moved: Read more here.

Thanks for reading,

RJ xo


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