Last month’s newbies!

Hey Guys,

Although I have been mad busy for about two months I still have an addiction to new makeup and I need to spend unnecessary money! With that being said… what did I spend my money on??

I didn’t even realise that you could do a natural cute look with this makeup, aw, well done me.

Face Primer: this was my sample in my Birchbox, hence why it’s fun sized. In all honesty I like the primer, everyone knows that benefit’s primers have a good reputation for a reason. HOWEVER, did I notice any difference between this primer and my existing benefit primer, no? I wouldn’t run out and buy it because I have one but I do enjoy the sample.

Foundation: Maybelline, dream satin liquid in fair beige. Can I make my mind up about this? No I can’t. I adore the coverage and for once I actually managed to get a perfect shade match. This foundation just doesn’t play well on my skin if I wear it for a long time. I’m trying it with different setting powders and primers etc. I really want to like this foundation!

Pressed Powder: Maybelline fit me, lol @ me when I thought I was buying the loose powder rather than the pressed. This powder does matify well however it isn’t easy to set my under eyes with this powder! And I definitely can’t bake!

Highlighter: Jeffrey Star, Skin frost, ice cold. I avoided buying this for so long as over hyped makeup tends to be just that. Over hyped. But it does live up to the hype and I honestly love this highlighter. It is full on blinding so a LIGHT hand is needed with this and it’s very white, I’d prefer a more neutral tone as this can wash out my pale pale face.

Glitter Eyeliner: Collection glam crystals. Me and eyeliner tend to have an agreement to leave each other alone. HOWEVER, I bought this gold liquid glitter liner and honestly I love it. I’ve even invested in the silver version because it’s so pretty, so affordable and so easy to work with.

Eyeliner brush: Morphe M250-1. I mentioned this brush in my recent post as it came with Laura Lee’s Morphe Brush Collection. I avoided using this as I’m not a massive eyeliner fan however this brush is actually so easy to work with!

Thanks for reading, let me know if you liked this type of post!!

RJ xo


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