‘The Best of Me’ what’s better the film or the book?

Hey guys,

Disclaimer: if you haven’t seen/read this I can guarantee I will spoil it for you in this post and I apologise for that in advance.

I was first introduced to the best of me in film version I watched it in the cinema when it was first released and I adore the story. It’s one of my all time favourite romantic movies. Even though I know many people haven’t watched it, so underrated.

Surprisingly I didn’t actually know that it was based of a book written by Nicholas sparks and I ordered the book version of the notebook and it had a recommended reading section in the back I was like ‘I need that book’. Was so hyped to read it.

My intention when reading the book was never to compare it to film, I simply thought it would make a good book review. HOWEVER… all I have said whilst reading this book is ‘it’s not like that in the film’ ‘it did it this way in the film’ ‘the story differs in the film’. And imma tell you why and imma tell which I prefer.

Book overview: The book follows a reunion of two teenage sweethearts (Amanda and Dawson) after the death of their mutual friend from their past. The book covers their weekend in-depth. With slight introductions to their own current personal lives. Some mention is given to their relationship, however this is brief. Additionally, in the book version they break up following Amanda leaving to go to college. Throughout the book the focus points are: Dawson and Amanda reconnecting, Dawson’s past catching up to him and Amanda’s marital issues.

Film overview: Like the book the film follows the reunion of Dawson and Amanda. Unlike the book the film flashes back heavily to their relationship as teenagers and gives you more of an insight into their previous relationship. The film still shows what Dawson and Amanda’s lives are currently like. In the film, the break up is a result of an altercation between Dawson and his family that results in Dawson going to prison. The focus points of the film are: Dawson and Amanda’s past, the weekend they spent together and Amanda’s love for her children.

Likes and dislikes: The theme throughout both of having a love so strong it never dies is a sentiment that I adore. I prefer the story line when it shows more of their past as it gives you more of an insight into their relationship. I also didn’t really like the way in which they broke up in the book, granted it later connects into the story really well, I did feel that if you’re considering a ‘true love’ I feel like in real life her going to college wouldn’t necessarily be the end of their relationship?

Which did I prefer? Overall I’m more likely to put the film on more often than I will reach for the book.

I would 10000% recommend the best of me to anyone who loves a good romance. Any version is good, I just have my preference.

RJ xo


  1. I read this book during high school and it killed me! It was so beautiful and heartbreaking all at once. Nicholas Sparks (though his themes could be considered pretty basic/samey) sure does know how to rip my heart out of my chest – that’s for sure.

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  2. I love both the film and the book, Nicholas Sparks books are always amazing tear jerkers and the films are usually so similar to the books that I love both unlike some films which are completely different to their books! My favourites are definitely The Lucky One, The Last Song and The Longest Ride!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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  3. I’ve read the book, but I have yet to see the film! I’ll have to do that soon! I did like the book, but it’s definitely not my favorite by him! Lovely review! xx

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