Hey Guys,

If you follow my socials you would have seen my complaints and stresses about moving. I’m 20, I never moved out for University, I can’t remember living anywhere other than where I grew up and now I’m 45 miles away from home! Well I suppose I am home, but a new home. It’s an adjustment period that is definitely true. So all I have had to do is make my new home feel like home.

Making my flat homely:

Obviously no one wants to be in a new place on their own. However, one way Ive found to make sure I still feel at home and relaxed into make my flat homely. I have cards on my windowsill that my friends have given to me to wish me ‘Good Luck’. Obviously I brought my makeup with me, but having pretty bottles or palettes out on display is my way to add personal touches to my home. Moreover, I have a light that was a gift of my boyfriends, a little sloth teddy that was a gift off a friend just to keep that me vibe to my home.

Coping being away from home

As I’ve mentioned I’ve always sorta stayed in the same area so it can be intimidating going somewhere new and not knowing anyone. My current escape from any loneliness is to read, reading a book just takes you into a different world whether that be for half an hour or 3 hours. Its a good mental break.  Also, I’m going to attempt to go to some classes in the local area to meet some new people, I mean hopefully I’ll meet new people at my job but it’s still good to go out. And its good to learn new skills or exercise. Also, I started work this week so keeping busy in that sense makes it easier to be away from people!

Getting to know new people

I know some people aren’t as confident or comfortable meeting new people and there are some apps that you can download in order to help you meet new people without the anxiety or stresses. The first is bleet app, this is an app for bloggers who want to meet other bloggers, this app launched a couple of months ago so there aren’t that many users; I use it so maybe we could connect! I understand people may not always be looking to meet bloggers maybe just other people in general, the app Hey Vina is designed for girls to make new friends (sorry guys). One thing that this app is good for is meeting specific types of people you can pick what ‘communities’ you belong to and connect with people with similar interests.

Candles I will never light because they’re too pretty!

I’ll be posting more pictures of my flat once I finally have everything perfect. If you have any tips and advice on moving, decorating, settling into new places, meeting people etc. Feel free to let me know in the comment section below! Thanks guys!

RJ xo


  1. I’m moving out in a few days and it’s so overwhelming. I have never been away from family and now i have to go to a completely different place with strangers.
    What i’m excited about is getting to decorate and personalize my future room because it’s so much fun.

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