Laura Lee’s Favourites Brush Collection Review!

Hey Guys,

I did a poll on my twitter and you guys voted for the review so here it is! If you didn’t vote or don’t follow me on twitter you can keep up to date here.

SO! What am I reviewing this time… I’m honestly a serial reviewer, I love doing these posts (hopefully you like reading them!)  Laura Lee did a collaboration with Morphe to create a brush set purely made of the brushes that she loves, also within this set was a brush that Morphe made with Laura Lee! This collection retails in the UK for £64 is currently sold out on Morphe, however I do know it will be restocked, if you follow either Morphe or Laura Lee you will be able to see when that happens and I’ll probably post those updates on my IG stories if I know people are interested in trying out the collection! You can look at the collection on Morphe website by clicking here.

Included below is the description given by Laura Lee in regard to all the brushes, this is taken from Morphe website from the page linked above.

Y11 – (synthetic hair) “It’s a super-soft brush. Great for packing on and applying setting powder, but also great for contouring.”
Y6 – (synthetic hair) “The best flat-top kabuki to blend out foundation for a flawless, airbrushed look.”
R36 – (natural hair) “This precise, pointed highlight brush is great for applying highlighter in a targeted area.”
M250-1 – (synthetic hair) “This is the perfect brush for precise liner application. Wing it out, girl!”
M573 – (natural hair) “This fluffy blender is great for blending out the transition shade.”
M536 – Developed for Laura Lee herself – ( synthetic hair) “I use this for blending out concealer. It’s the perfect density and has a precise, round top that fits perfectly under the eye. The kabuki-soft feel is great for that delicate area and gives an airbrushed finish.”
E4 – (synthetic hair) “I use this soft brush to apply blush to the apples of the cheeks.”
R14 – (natural hair) “I love the medium size of this brush to contour in a precise location. Plus, you can also use it to bronze up the skin.”
R39 – (natural hair) “This is the BEST medium dense blender to blend out the crease while also keeping the shadow controlled at the same time. Great for all eye shape and sizes.”
E36 – (synthetic hair) “Great pencil brush to apply color in the inner corner and the brow bone because it is small and precise.”
M421 – (synthetic hair) “Great for shading and applying pigment for max color. It’s also so nice for carving out the brows and creating a cut crease.”

The brush collection (let’s ignore my dirty mirror, I’m not perfect, okuuurrrr?)

So lets tear this apart, analyse it and I’ll let you know whether I agree with the description given!

 Y11 – this is the perfect shape and size to pack on powder and set your under eye! Worked so well for me! It holds powder well but because the brush isn’t extremely dense it doesn’t just place all the powder on the first thing it hits, would be excellent for applying blush smoothly!
Y6 – If you’ve read my makeup look posts you’d know my opinion on this brush. I had a Y6, got a Y6 in this set.. that’s TWO, I find that so satisfying. I love this brush. It’s densely packed with a flat top; makes it so easy to evenly distribute your foundation without too much of your product disappearing into the bristles.
R36 – has this brush replaced my current highlighter brush? I think I can confidently say yes. My current highlighter brush isn’t as thick and the bristles are more sparse, it therefore doesn’t hold the powder and disperse it aswell. This brush does what a highlighter brush should do.
M250-1 – Honestly I haven’t tried this brush I have an eyeliner brush with an angled handle and it’s so easy for novices like myself. This brush will probably be stored until I develop some skill with gel eyeliner.
M573 – it’s a blending brush and it’s morphe, need I say more.
M536 – This brush is so luxe and soft yet densely packed. The brush comes to a slight point which makes it perfect for packing on powder especially under your eyes! I was amazed at how much powder this brush holds even after tapping any excess off! Great addition to the collection.
E4 – before trying this brush I’d always used more round shaped brushes to apply blush to get that perfect hit of colour on the apples of my cheeks, I’m converted now! The shape of this brush allows for the precise hit yet blends nicely into bronzer to look more natural!
R14 – I adore this brush, this has replaced any type of bronzer brush I have ever used. It picks up product well yet blends it into such a flawless look!
R39 – this brush is perfect for building up some colour on the outer corner of the lid as its dense enough to pack colour but allows for shades to be blended when they’re first applied.
E36 – what I love about this brush is that it’s perfect for so many things, defining your crease? E36. Adding colour to your lower lash line? E36. Adding some highlight to inner corner or brow bone? E36.
M421 – I like this brush, I have a brush slightly smaller that I’ve always used to cut my crease, or cut my eyebrows and this brush just allows you to be precise but cover a lot of your lid/brow bone at once; without being too big.
You’re probably thinking ‘wow she did a review and liked stuff’. Honestly Morphe as a brand is like my go to for brushes, so affordable yet amazing quality and honestly it’s not worth spending £20-£30 on a brush when you can get the same quality for cheaper.
Sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL recently, exams and moving just got me like… a little off track and lost… and honestly it makes me so sad to not keep up to date with you guys, I adore this community and I can’t wait to posting regularly again!!
RJ xo


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