Hey Guys,

How is everyone? I’d say how is everyone’s summer but where I live it’s not very summery at the moment, what a shame.

I was walking around boots the other day spending money I shouldn’t (like always) and I saw the moisturiser I usually use and I did need some but I saw this can of spray on coconut body lotion from Dove. Honestly I was like ‘what is this, take my money pls’. I loooove a gimmicky product. So I bought it obviously. Thought I’d try it out. Give you guys the tea and hydrate my skin.

What do I think?

So I sprayed this the other day and my friend was having a nap, she woke up and was like ‘what is that noise’. I was expecting like a deodorant noise… that is not what I got. I can’t even describe it but it’s kind of amusing. After giggling I sprayed this product all over my legs and arms and you still have to rub it in a little if you spray too much (the second time I nailed it and didn’t have to rub it in too much). And honestly my skin feels good. It was always going to with it being dove I just didn’t know whether it would be as effective as it isn’t getting massaged into your skin etc.

This picture just shows what the nozzle is like at the top!

What I like about this product when compared to a usual body lotion is that it’s easier to get the right amount. I’m not there for ages adding more or ending up like greased up with too much product and wasting money.

On the money side of this, the gimmick does boost the price up. I think this product was £6. I just checked boots website it was £6.99. I was close. If you want to check it out for yourself click here.

Updates will follow on my Instagram stories regarding how long this product actually lasts!

Just to update you guys on my current skin care loves, my routine for my body consists of this spray and Dove Derma Spa self tanning lotion

Thanks for reading,

RJ xo


  1. I use s[ray on lotion after my workout swims now. The chlorine always makes me so dry, and this makes my after swim routine go more quickly. That is especially good when the 3 kids are with me and I have to get them showered, dried, and dressed, as well as getting myself done too.

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