Summer reading list!

Hey Guys,

I adore to read and escape reality for a few hours. When I’m at University I struggle to find the time to read without feeling guilty however, I have a year a way from Uni on placement and I’m hoping to read more. The list below consists of the books I have stacked and ready to be read.

  1. Safe Haven
  2. Me before you
  3. Pretty Baby
  4. The diary of Anne Frank
  5. Dear Amy
  6. The shining
  7. Doctor Sleep
  8. 13 reasons why
  9. The good girl
  10. Don’t you cry
  11. The best of me
  12. See me
  13. The choice
  14. The lucky one
  15. The longest ride
  16. The drowned detective
  17. Looking for Alaska
  18. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone.

If you want to see a review of any of these let me know. Id love some reading recommendations!!

RJ xo


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