Guest Post – Simple Summer Skin – Elise

Simple Summer Skin

As much as I would love not wearing makeup in the summer months, it sort of has to be done. Of course, I don’t shove as many products on my face as I normally do, I like to keep it quite simple, however, I do add a few extra things to my skin just to keep me looking more alive. Here is my simple summer skin makeup look which will hopefully keep you looking natural, but put together in the warmer months.

I barely prime as it is, so there is no surprise that I don’t add it in the summer. However, I do moisturise using the Nivea Everyday Moisturiser. I have combination skin, so in the summer there are parts of my face that go very oily but others which stay very dry and I find this product gives me a very even base to work with.

Next, I use the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in fair under my eyes and on my little problem areas (I blend it out with my hopefully clean fingers, I find it keeps the product in the desired place so much better than using a brush). Everyone and their dog knows about this concealer as it has been raved about as one of the best drugstore products FOREVER. I quite like it, it isn’t too thick, it is a good colour and it lasts very well. Then, I set my whole face with a powder which has been in my makeup bag forever, so much so that the brand has rubbed off and I cannot remember. Works well though. Sometimes this really dries out my skin, so I spray the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water all over my face. Honestly, it is kind of just water in a spray bottle however it cools my face down so I use it to add a bit more water back to my skin.

I love being a bronze goddess in the summer. I think having a tanned face makes you look so much ready for the heat. So, as a bronzer I use the Seventeen Skin Wow Tan Liquid Glow which is a thick, liquid, shimmery bronzer which can go basically all over your face. Admittedly, it can be a little hard to blend but hunny, you glow. It makes you glow. You become a goddess, a bronze glowy goddess which is heightened by a tiny bit of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone. Adding too much just makes you look sort of sweaty in the summer, but a little bit adds to the illusion that you are a queen (I do not add any blush because I am sort of very red anyway, I do not have any need for it).

For the brows, I use the Freedom Eyebrow Pomade which is the broke girl’s version of the Anastasia brow pomade that everyone raves about. I love this because it goes on easy, doesn’t smudge and lasts all day. Be careful though, the shade in the pot looks a little different to what actually goes on your brow so you have to properly check it is your colour. In terms of the eyes, I don’t do much. Eyeshadow is way too much for me, and I like to focus much more on the skin than anything else. Sometimes I pop a little bit of clear mascara on my lashes to make them a little longer, but other than that all I really do it put a bit of the Nyx Eyeshadow in Frostbite in my inner corner as it opens up my eyes.

For lips, I put on a lip gloss. Literally any old lipgloss I can find. I don’t mind the Revolution lip glosses because they are cheap and work quite well. Glossy lips in summer look banging, you could even just pop on some Carmex. I then use the Nyx Dewy Setting Spray to keep me look like a glowing goddess all day long. Never used to see how setting spray made a different, but in the summer months when you are hot I definitely think it stops the makeup from just falling down your face.

I hope you enjoyed my simple summer makeup look. I like to focus a lot more on the skin than anything else but still put on minimal products. Honestly, to make yourself look like a total queen you 100% have to work on your skincare before everything else!

Thank you so much to Rebecca for having me on her blog, it has been a pleasure. You can find me on my social media channels below xo



  1. This year I’ve gotten into the bronze goddess thingy and am looking for a bronzer (just today I got a Catrice one),
    ut will definitely check out the Seventeen one. Sounds very good!


    Liked by 1 person

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