My Morphe Palette Collection


Okay firstly I’d feel so bad if I didn’t say anything but I’ve not posted as frequently recently and up until June I will probably do one post a week as I have exams and I’m moving and my head is chaotic! But I will post, I genuinely miss my blog and writing when I don’t have time!

This weeks post is a quick palette run down! I was sorting my makeup for when I move and I realised most of the large palettes I want to take with me are Morphe! All of these are great quality and super adorable. I’m going to add in the link for Morphe’s UK website so you guys can have a look!

Eyeshadow palettes that I own have cost me no more than around £20 and I think my face palettes were around £12! Totally affordable!

What do I have?

Eyeshadow: 35O, 35P, 35K

Face: 9B, 9BZ


When I move I’ll be taking the 35O and 35P (won’t take 35K and one day I’ll think I need it).

All Morphe palettes come with an amazing selection of transition shades, especially the 35O and 35K that have amazing neutral shades. 35P has some transition and then has an array of purple/pinks; I tend to use lighter purple shades as transitions for looks that are purple!

All of my palettes are a mixture of matte and shimmer shades! 35O has an amazing shade that I’ve referred to as the mermaid shade because it changes colour slightly as it catches the light. I actually used it in a look that has been on my blog! To see that look click here! You will be able to see how loved (over used) that shade is!!

See below for a close up of my favourite Morphe Eyeshadow palette.. 35O; very warm toned, beautiful selection of shades.

35P…. as I’ve mentioned this palette is a purple themed palette and has amazing shade selections, including shades to build up colour, highlight brow bone and choose between vibrant or subtle looks!

35K… this palette is the one I dive into when I want to create more simple but elegant looks because it has some cooler shades that are perfect for elegant looks! This palette has lovely blues/silvers that you don’t see often in eyeshadow palettes and it helps to round of my eyeshadow collection!


I only have 2 face palettes and tbf one of them is a blush palette and I’m not a massive blush fan, I think everyone now and again I apply blush as a ‘change’. However, when I do apply them I like the quality of the shades, they’re not over powering and even the brightest pink shade can be worn with a subtle effect (9B)

9B on the left, 9BZ on the right.

My favourite 9B shade is the very bottom left, it’s so subtle but works well with my skin tone and eye looks that I do (tend to be warmer purple looks). As previously mentioned these shades are very pretty and subtle yet buildable!

My go to 9BZ shade is probably the very top left, is it confusing that the palettes are at an angle… I didn’t think this though… The shades in this palette are a mixture of matte and some have a slight shimmer to them, nothing that you actually notice once it’s on your skin but you notice in the palette!


Hope you guys liked this quick post!! Get ready for June when I can post more! I’m hoping to read more in Summer so you might be seeing some more reviews!

Thanks for reading,

RJ xo


  1. Lovely post, Rebecca. I’ve never tried Morphe but have heard so many great things about them, especially the 35O, which has its own cult following! hehe


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