April Birchbox Review

Hey guys,

Honestly being subscribed to ANY subscription service makes you realise how quick time passes. When my box comes I’m like ‘oh is that time of the month again’. This year is flying by. I have a question regarding my Birchbox subscription currently live on my Twitter, if I could get your input that would be great! Just click here.

Moving on…

This months box is a collaboration with Cath Kidston to celebrate their 25th birthday! For anyone who isn’t familiar with this brand it’s a retail brand with gorgeous products containing the same unique flower based theme. They sell products from bags, laptop cases, purses, clothes and one of the products contained in my birch box!

What’s in this box and what do I think of it?

  • Model Co Baked Highlighter £24 RRP… I don’t really use baked products, they actually have a really pretty look to them but it’s just never something something I’ve tried. The swatch for this product was sooo shimmery. Bit annoying that the white mixed with the pink and lost the pretty look of the powder. That’s just me being fussy. This highlighter looked subtle but pretty and actually lasted me for about 7 hours of glow whilst on date night and driving around. 8/10
  • Beautaniq Beauty Fill + Tame Brow Gel (brunette) £8.60 RRP… Did I pick an eyebrow shade when I signed up for Birchbox? Does it go off hair colour? Okay guys my eyebrows are NATURALLY really black and dark. My natural hair colour is blonde so idk what happened there. But this shade is just not appropriate for my eyebrows. I have since donated the product to my mother. She loves trying new eyebrow products so in that sense 10/10 for making the mother happy.
  • Cath Kidston Hand Cream £2.50 Hand cream… Loooove Cath Kidston the patterns are beautiful and that’s true for the packaging of this. I’m not much of a handcream person, I used to get bad eczema on my hands so the thought of applying a perfumed cream was just negatively removed from me. I have tried this! My opinion hasn’t changed; not a bad product just not a me product…  Therefore 5/10
  • Beauty Protector Protect and Volume £21.50 RRP… The first time I tried this it didn’t really add any volume, my hair actually looked flat and felt heavy at the top. I don’t know if I used too much?? I have the detangle spray from this brand and that’s been my favourite and never let me down. I assumed you would apply them both in the same way? Maybe not? Am I dim? Probably. My opinion altered slightly the next day when I brushed through my hair and saw some light volume but nothing more than I usually would get? Overall I’d give it 6/10
  • Birchbox Brush Cleaner £5 RRP… Okay, so I’ve wanted one of these for a while. They seem so useful for getting all the grossness out of brushes. However, I use the type of spray in brush cleaner. So you spray, wipe and then your brush is clean. In that sense this product isn’t really appropriate. Although, it worked so well for brushes that have products that heavily dry down so like eyebrow brushes or eyeliner brushes. I was so impressed with how quickly they cleaned with this product! Highs and lows, it may work better if you use water and a brush cleaner rather than a spray in cleaner but I can only do it from my perspective! 6/10

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked this post! For those of you who ARE subscribed to Birchbox and have debated it… they’ve started offering discounts on products you’ve received and liked. So I liked the cleanser foam they sent and ordering the full product I get a 10% discount! Don’t miss out! I’ve also included the benefits they offer which was included in my box!


Thanks for reading!

RJ xo


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