I went to see a medium…


So this isn’t really like any post I’ve done before. However I like to throw bits of my life onto my blog site because not everyone that follows my site is interested in makeup reviews for example. So apologies if this post isn’t for you however I do have TWO Beauty related posts for you guys coming up soon!

Mediums & Spiritualists

I know everyone has differing levels of belief when it comes to things like this. In the spirit of being honest my beliefs conflict with each other. I’m not a massive ‘ghost’ person. But I do belief in that whole energy and spirit presence. In all honesty I find comfort in it. Not in the sense of when I die I know I’ll still be around. But in the sense of it’s nice to know that there’s a way for me to connect with family members that have passed on.

My aim for this post is to create a post that demonstrates how my experiences with seeing a medium sort of helped to build my belief and brought comfort at the same time!

I went to see a medium in January! This was organised through my best friend, whose mum goes to this medium. His mum doesn’t know me at all so the medium that I went to (Tracey) had no prior knowledge of me. When my appointment was made all she was given was my first name. So walking in that’s all she knew. I know people have this idea that mediums get information off you and look you up and try and get an idea of who you are. In this sense that wouldn’t happen. Also if she did attempt to look, my personal social media’s are under ‘Becky’ rather than Rebecca and the guy that helped me organise this knows a few people with the same first name so narrowing that down would be difficult!

What happens??

I went in, she offered me a drink, I said no because I was so nervous I could’ve peed.

She did the reading from within her house, she had a separate conservatory I guess for clients. The first thing she did was laid out a pack of cards face down and asked me to pick 14 of them randomly.  I did. She then laid out the cards that I had picked face up. This is the only thing I was asked to do throughout the entire session which lasted about 30 minutes.  During the session I had a notebook so I could attempt to write things down as she was talking, needless to say my handwriting wasn’t at its best!

What did she say??

This could be extremely lengthy and personal if I went into full detail, which I’m not going to do; both for my benefit and yours. I’m simply going to pick out  a few points that really stood out to me, to give you an idea on the type of things that are picked up on during these sessions.

  • The first thing she did was read my aura, pick up on my energy I guess. I don’t know how this works but she was pretty accurate! When I went to see her it was the beginning of the year when I was really starting to fall in love with writing and my blog and I thought why am I studying a degree in a completely different field when I love to write! This did sort of play on my mind, do I switch degrees? She said she could tell I was confused and worrying about which direction to take, she could tell that was on my mind.
  • Following on from that she said she could see the creativity around me, she said she was seeing someone writing (obvs me). She said there was a presence, following on from the description I could tell it was my Nan and from her I got told that I will be successful with writing but I should concentrate on my current studies and that I’d ‘gone too far to give up’.
  • The cards that I’d chosen highly reflected my love life, lol. She said she could see my love life had been rocky. She said there was a guy who was constantly in and out of my life and that she could see that he was very manipulative (oh hunny how accurate). She said that my Nan said that I’m a very decisive person but I worry too much  about how my decisions affect people. Anyone that knows me will know I’m such a push over and if I care about someone I will bend over backwards for them, not always the best. She said I needed to stand up for myself. Funnily enough after that the guy in question did something that really annoyed me probably two days later and I thought ‘nope not doing this anymore’ and I have spoken to him once since (purely because he reached out to me and I was like okay, go away). Would I have made that decision without seeing a medium?? 
  • She made some minor comments nothing life changing but things you pick up on later… this included a ‘transaction with a little car’ my car is a KA and badly failed its MOT in March and had so much work done to it. She told me that by the end of the year I would move… I’m moving to Halifax in June (this was unknown to me when I went to the session). She said she could sense the Gemini sign around me which is known as the ‘twin’ sign… my  boyfriend is actually a twin (who I met shortly after going to this session)
  • Finally, mediums some times pick up on symbols rather than direct messages. She picked up on a lot of creativity and things being made. THAT is 10000% my granddad. I always say I get so much of my personality from him, he was also maths meets creativity, I still have a wooden train in my room that he made so the idea of him sat there making things is just heartwarming to me. Also she said she saw a dog running around with someone that passed suddenly. I’m not going to get into that but my family will know exactly who that is!

As you may be able to tell from the above points seeing a medium brings comfort, seeing a medium gives you some guidance and to be honest I like the small points that you then figure out at a later date!  I am so ready to see my medium again, I’d love to see her before I move!

Some advice that I’ve been given:

  • Go to the medium, don’t have the medium in your house! (My Brother is so sure that our house is haunted, I’m not a massive believer but I still wouldn’t want to know!)
  • Leave time between each session, I’ve been told 3 months. I honestly don’t know why!

I hope you liked this post even if it was a little different, it was a little emotional to write tbh! If I see my medium again would you guys want a update? For anyone in the Cheshire/Merseyside/Halton area if you message me on my socials I will give you the contact information for Tracey!

Thanks for reading,

RJ xo


  1. This was brilliant Rebecca and funnily I went to see one two weeks ago, I am interested to see if what she has said will come to be, one thing already has and she was very accurate with past things that only a few people know of! I think that it is so positive and comforting xx

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  2. Thanks for sharing. I’ve always thought it could be fun to go to a medium but have never done it. Would you recommend going based on your experience?

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