Let’s Talk Tattoos

Hey guys!

This post is all tattoos and may be long, I apologise! I’m going to cover:

  1. What I have and why?
  2. Getting a tattoo
  3. Tattoo care

What have I got and why?

As you can see from the picture above I have 5 tattoos and anyone with tattoos knows you’re going to get the standard question ‘why that tattoo’. I was actually talking to my tattoo artist last week about the idea of tattoos always having sentimental meaning. Do you think they should? Let me know down below! I personally love the the idea of having a tattoo purely because you wanted and liked it! Some of my tattoos have sentimental value or show my personality but this isn’t true for every tattoo I have!

  1. Feather… in my family a feather is a sign of those that have passed on.
  2. Avengers symbols… I’m just a Marvel geek.
  3. Lion king… my favourite Disney film and this was my Grandad’s favourite Disney film.
  4. Water colour notebook… my personality really, academic meets the creative shown by a book with bright colours coming from it.
  5. Flower constellation… I’m a Libra and the shape of this tattoo follows the constellation for my star sign, I love all flower tattoos, the look in my opinion is gorgeous.

Getting a tattoo!

I always found myself looking at tattoos and thinking of what tattoo I’d want if I got one. I think for most people if the idea is in your head you probably will at some point do it.

As I’ve mentioned you can get whatever tattoo for whatever reason! It’s like any type of body modification… you like the look!

If you find an idea that you like parts of it’s always good to play around with it, luckily for me I’ve had the same tattoo artist for each of my tattoos so if I go in and I’m being awkward he’ll always help with designing something! Which is something any tattoo artist should be willing to do! Everyone knows that tattoos are permanent so you want a design that you’re completely happy with, if you settle you’ll regret it. I have actually heard of like businesses that will send you a copy of your design to wear as a fake tattoo that last like a week. I’ve never personally used this nor can I think of one right now. The picture below shows the basic constellation on the right compared to the design that was created for me!

Picking the right tattoo artist in my opinion can be just as important as the tattoo itself. Not all tattoo artists are to the same standards and some specialise in certain types of tattoos. Think about why certain tattoo artists charge more than the average or less than the average. On average for my tattoos I’ve paid about £50 some are more, some are less. This is due to size and the fact that I like simple looks to my tattoos; time can also be a factor and some tattoo artists charge per hour. If I got something extremely detailed I’d expect to be paying ATLEAST £200 onwards with the tattoo artist I go to.

Tattoo care: (when your tattoo is finished it will be wrapped in cling film)

  1. I always keep the wrapping over my tattoo until I can clean it and care for it appropriately. People give different times. Me personally I maybe keep it on for an hour ish but I have kept it on for like 6 hours when I’ve been busy.
  2. During this time your tattoo will weep a little bit this is completely normal, as is raised, warm skin (you can see this in my flower tattoo, picture taken on the day I got my tattoo).
  3. Cleaning your tattoo should be done: gently, use antibacterial soap, lukewarm water, don’t soak the tattoo and PAT dry.
  4. Once tattoo’s are clean you should be applying a THIN layering of cream over it. I used E45 for my first tattoo and since then I’ve used Bepanthen, this was recommended by my tattoo artist and I know people with tattoos that have told me to use this.
  5. Cream helps to keep your tattoo hydrated and thicker creams can offer protection against infections.
  6. Tattoo care is important in the first couple of weeks whilst the tattoo is scabbing and healing, it’s important to not fully submerge your tattoo in water during this process as this can cause a scab to fall off!
  7. Its so important to not mess with the scab that forms over your tattoo, you have to let them heal at their own rate without being messed with as it can effect the overall pigment that your left with and make your tattoo patchy if you interrupt the healing process. This can be seen in my lion king tattoo! I got this in summer and it dried out so quick and now I need gaps filling in!

Tattoo scabbing and healing, 5 days after getting the tattoo!

I hope this post has helped a little with any tattoo questions! Feel free to ask anything down below! For anyone in the Widnes/Runcorn/Warrington etc area my tattoo’s are done by Tom at La Tattoo 2 in Widnes.

Thanks for reading!

RJ xo


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