Full face of tarte & review

Hey Guys!

The makeup look for this post was created using the tarte products that I own…. this includes:

  • Tarte shape tape foundation… Fair beige
  • Tarte shape tape concealer… Fair
  • Tarte mascara… lights, camera, lashes
  • Tarte eyeshadow & highlighter … leave your mark
  • Tarte splash of colour lipstick… escape

I have added my own powder products such as:

  • NYX transparent setting powder
  • KIKO bronzer

The brand:

I’ve added in a picture to show the finished look but this post is more of a review! On a whole I like tarte as a brand and I own quite a few of their products that haven’t been included in this post such as beauty sponges and moisturiser.


Included as face makeup in this post is the usual foundation and then concealer. I’m pretty confident in saying that the majority of people have heard of the shape tape concealer. We’ve seen the videos, read the reviews and tried the dupes for this product (well I haven’t, my shade is religiously out of shop.. thanks makeup revolution). It’s just a known Beauty fact that shape tape is an excellent concealer, I agree. I love this concealer, it’s thicker than most, Fuller coverage and blends out easily; a little goes a long way!

I think the big question for this post is: does the foundation live up to the ‘shape tape’ reputation? Yes it does. It has the same impressive coverage. It doesn’t appear as thick but that maybe as you’re spreading it out over a larger area it may appear thinner? The foundation has the same applicator as the concealer, I don’t really like that as I’m using at least 4 different dips into the foundation to cover my face; it makes you feel like you’re using more.

HIGHLIGHTER! Shade ‘love’ in the palette… very pigmented, gives a good glow. I’m very fair toned so this more gold toned highlight isn’t the best on my face as the colour looks somewhat out of place!


I adore a good eyeshadow palette, I think eye-makeup can really bring a look to life. Unfortunately this palette has only ONE matte shade, it’s a peachy shade ‘speak up’. I like to build colour up in a look and this palette gives you two options

  1. Don’t build up shades
  2. Build up shades with shimmers

Neither of these are ideal for me personally, the shades are nice, it’s just not a full eye look palette for me.


The shade I used in this look is ‘escape’ from their colour splash lipstick range. This isn’t really a shade I liked on me for this look but the swatch is a pretty shade and I’d probably use it in a bolder look! The lipstick I used I bought as a set from QVC so I didn’t get a shade choice, if I did I would have chosen something more neutral to match the eyeshadow palette!

Let me know what you thought of this post and your thoughts on ‘Tarte’ below!

To shop the collection I reviewed click here. Alternatively you can shop on Tarte’s website.

Thanks for readng,

Rebecca Jayne xo


  1. I want to try the shape tape concealer but can’t get it in Bulgaria and I am way too scared to order foundations and concealers online, because of my I guess weird-toned skin. Looks lovely, though! Loved the review!


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  2. I can still never be sure! I’ve had so many issues with this, googled swatches for months and at the end it’s nothing similar (I am reminiscing of the L’Oreal true match foundation, which was too dark and yellow for me and I looked like an oompa loompa lol ). will take the plunge at some point, though xx


  3. This is so helpful! I need a new concealer and everyone is talking about the Tarte one so I think you have just helped me make my decision. Going to order it today…

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