Spring clean; save or throw?

Hey guys!

My initial idea for this post was to give you a rundown of what I’m getting rid of and things I really want to keep. HOWEVER, after sorting all my stuff and having my mum ask me 4927 times why I’m throwing things away I figured I’d explain to you my process of spring cleaning!

Why spring clean?

I always find it somewhat therapeutic to get rid of the old and make way for the new! I think people can get in a rut and one way to do fix that is to change things and reorganise! Also, people are always growing as people and changing and I think everything around you should reflect that as well!

What do I keep?

  1. I keep products that I obviously still like and use regularly, spring clean doesn’t mean just get rid of everything and anything.
  2. Items with sentimentally attached to it, I have a glass dolphin that me and my brother got with tickets in an arcade one year on holiday when I was about 8. I don’t use it, I will always keep it.

What do I do with products I’m keeping?Honestly I think I like organising my room far too much, I like to move things round, re organise draws, just give my room a fresh vibe to it!

What do I NOT keep?

  1. Everyone has those clothes that they always say they’ll wear and never do and sometimes you have to accept that and purge your wardrobe!
  2. I tend to store up products even if I don’t like them I keep them and they collect so I always find a spring clean a good time to filter down all my skin care/ Beauty products

What do I do with products I’m NOT keeping?

  1. My family/friends largely benefit from things I don’t want anymore, particularly when it comes to skin care and beauty products. My mum looooves any makeup I don’t use.
  2. Donaaaate. I have a bag currently sat in my room waiting to go to a charity shop. This can be anything from books, photo frames, clothes in good condition.
  3. Throw away/ recycle. Some products can’t be passed on but can be recycled or simply thrown away!

I figured I’d keep this post quick as you obviously have spring cleaning to get back to and I shan’t keep you too long! Let me know how your spring cleaning is going in the comments down below!

Thanks for reading,

Rebecca Jayne xo


  1. I have the same issue of keeping products even if I don’t like them! Horrible habit!
    Can’t wait for a spring clean, though


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  2. Great post, I recently did my spring cleaning too to switch to my spring/summer closet. Now if only the Michigan weather would take the hint. I also went to a resale shop for a lot of my clothes, it’s worth looking in to if you’re looking for a little extra cash.

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