Let’s Talk Acne

Hey Guys,

My skin and my acne is honestly one of my biggest insecurities. I hate the way my skin breaks out. But luckily for you guys because I hate it, I have tried a million and one different products and lifestyle changes to try and help my skin! In this post I’m going to tell you what I would recommend based on what’s worked for me and the things I would avoid that could be causing breakouts. If something works for me it may not work for you! Everyone’s skin is different!

General skin tips!


  1. Drink plenty of water, sounds so obvious but it genuinely helps to keep your skin hydrated to keep it healthy! My top is to buy a bottle to keep water in so there’s always some close to you!
  2. Understand what type of skin you have, for example if you have oily skin you may like to avoid serums that are going to be oily on your skin and simply aggravate your skin.
  3. Keep your skin clean and healthy! Washing your face prevents the build of Bacteria, but remember some oils are naturally good for your skin so try to not over wash your face and knock those oils away!


  1. Mess with acne, like pick/pop spots or constantly have your hands on your face; you’re simply adding more bacteria and feeding those pesky spots! If you do mess with them make sure your hands are clean and make sure to clean the area afterwards!
  2. Don’t just assume there’s nothing you can do about acne. Sometimes spots just appear and there’s nothing you can do but it’s not always the case, it may be your body’s way of saying somethings wrong. My recent bad skin was caused by the contraceptive pill, if I continued to take those I would again be worsening the problem rather than helping it. I’d recommend seeing a doctor if you’re concerned about your skin!
  3. Don’t use toothpaste/ hand gel as a quick fix for a breakout. These products will dry down your spot and you’ll notice a difference which you view as a positive but all the other chemicals will aggravate will aggravate your skin as they aren’t meant to be put on your face!

Acne products that worked for me: My holy grails not an exhaustive list!

  1. If I said body shop would you just know what I’m talking about at this point? Nope? Okay… body shop tea tree mask! It brings all the redness down out of your skin and helps to maintain any breakouts. Love looove this. And it’s £10. To read more about it go to my face mask post or click here.
  2. Sebamed, this I got as a sample in my March Birchbox and have been trialling this for around 3 weeks. I honestly love the effect it’s had on my skin in the space of about 2/3 weeks. My spots have shrunk and my skin as a whole just looks so much healthier. A full size bottle is £7.99 and I will be stocking up on this! The picture below shows my skin probably maybe a week apart. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but the product draws your acne out and dries it down so they shrink and fade. I would recommend using a moisturiser if you’re going to be using this product twice a day like it states to!

Things that could be causing a breakout and my advice:

  1. Stress
  2. Over eating certain foods such as red meat, sugar etc
  3. Touching your face… keep your hands clean! You may find you touch your face throughout the day more than you think!
  4. Hormones
  5. Pore clogging products… heavy moisturisers are the greatest culprit for this! Having a port cleanser is a great product to manage this problem!
  6. Your hair, this sounds weird but fringes over your face can trap grease and irritate your skin. To help avoid this I would recommend sleeping with your hair pushed back away from your face (I don’t have a fringe but I do this!)
  7. Sweat! You’re probably thinking, okay RJ, what else is new. But I would suggest if you’re someone that works out or is moving around a lot try hair accessories such as bandanas to try and keep any grease away from your skin.

Thanks for reading!

Okay, so this post was longer than I thought it would be! I hope you found something helpful within my ramblings! And remember, if you do suffer with breakouts… you’re still beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Rebecca Jayne xo


  1. This was actually really helpful! Love these tips! Stress definitely gets my face looking like gravel roads, but drinking water is a biggie for me that I’ve learned recently! Great post!

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  2. This was such a well written and helpful post! I don’t suffer with acne but do suffer from a few spots every now and then and so I’m a sucker for popping, using toothpaste and stressing out over the smallest ones! I will definitely make sure I drink plenty of water! x

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  3. I agree. I have acne to deal with too and I hate my skin just like you and for me it goes beyond just acne. In fact, I wrote a post on my blog about my journey to getting clear skin. I hope you get a chance to check it out 😊.

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