Makeup Hobby; instalment 3.

Hey Guys,

I love doing posts like this. Creating a look and then deconstructing and working backwards to explain the process. I feel like I need these posts for myself so if I’m feeling a look I did I have my own ‘How To’ list on my blog page. Is that bad?

What did I do this time?

The look I’m going to go through will you guys is the look I had for Mother’s Day. I wanted a look with pigmented colours but not too in your face. Somewhere between natural and night out.

What did I use?

You just know your girl used Laura Lee Los Angeles Cats Pajamas, I promise I will do a look without touching that palette at some point, it’s just bae. It’s my shades, it’s pigmented and it’s my go to. Also, as per usual I backed up my eye look by diving into a Morphe palette, this time it was the 35O.

Due to the nature of the day I wanted a flawless look, I went for Mac Prolongwear foundation and tarte shape tape for the high coverage levels.

Face makeup

If you’d like any advice for covering acne or applying certain face products check out my first instalment of makeup looks or head over to my socials and ask!

Eye makeup

Laura Lee Los Angeles Cats Pajamas


No I didn’t get lazy and couldn’t be bothered to take pictures of all my eyeshadow. I genuinely only used THREE shades to create this look. This shades I used are shown above the with the brush I used in the look!

To start my look I used bomb dignity as a transition shade, as you can probably tell by looking at the palette this shade gets a lot of love. If you read any other posts about makeup looks this shade has probably been mentioned! To apply this shade I used a blending brush that has the bristles slightly more spread out, this ensures the colour is spread evenly over your lid as opposed to one specific area!

The theme for this look was a nice purple tint, I felt that Laura lee’s palette had a great shade for this. If you want a more affordable palette then you could try Morphe’s 35P palette! It has similar shades and I think it retails for around £20 compared to Cats Pajamas at £35. Again for this shade I used a blending brush however the bristles on this brush are more densely packed at the brush (Spectrum C06) does have a slight tip to the top of it to allow you to apply the colour in more specific areas. To apply this shade I would suggest going in with the spectrum brush and blending out and then blending over the edges with the first brush you used with a little bit of the first shade to remove any harsh lines!

Can we tell how loved that shimmer shade is? I adore this shade, from the palette it just looks like a peach shade but in the picture you can see a slight reflection in it. Me and one of my friends call this the ‘mermaid’ shade because once it’s on your eyelid it reflects a slight iridescent lilac colour. I really don’t know how to describe it but it’s pretty! This shade is best applied with a flat brush and you could spray that brush with water or setting spray just to bring the colour out a little bit. I applied this all over my lid but you could bring that purple shade onto the outer side of your lid or apply the purple on either side and have the shimmer in the centre!

Hints and tricks

When applying a highly pigmented shade or a darker shade make sure you tap your brush to knock off any excess powder, this avoids you having a load of powder on your lid at once which can be hard to blend and could ruin your look!

• As usual I would always suggest that you apply an eyeshadow primer or a concealer onto your lid before starting an eye look to ensure the powders blend easily and so you’ve covered any discolouration you may have on your lids.

• You can probably see a difference in my lips between photo 2 and 3. I didn’t change the lip product I simply pressed my lips onto a tissue to dab down the colour and create more of a lip stain look rather than a buttery lipstick look.

What’s next?

Thankyou guys so much for reading! I’m still looking for guest bloggers for my new series, dm me on my socials if you want to work with me!

Rebecca Jayne xo


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