Beauty Bay Wishlist!

Hey Guys,

As some of you may be aware from my tweets complaining, my car is having work done so now all my wages I thought I could spend on makeup are now going to my car! But I still want makeup. It doesn’t help that Morphe send me emails and I scroll through like ‘yep, yep, that too, please, thanks Morphe’.

I figured instead of actually shopping and buying the makeup I want I could post it on here instead as an outlet for my makeup addictions. You never know you may see a product you like and want, just don’t rub it in my face when you buy it please!

  1. Morphe Set 901, the gilded set. £159

So as you guys may know I have the Y6 which is a brush from this collection and it’s one of my holy grail brushes! Not to mentioned the whole collection is gold and gorgeous! I neeeed this!


2. Zoeva eyebrush set £65. Are we seeing a pattern in what beauty products I like. Yeah it’s brushes. I think if you have the right brush you can make most products work! And not all eyeshadow brushes can blend well! Plus again these have a nice colour to them and aren’t just plain black which 90% of my brushes are!


3. Beauty Blender Cleanser. Solid. £15. I have the liquid cleanser, well I have a sample size and honestly it’s so much effort cleaning my Beauty blenders this way! That’s why they’re gross and I have a million of them, because I just buy new ones! Clever. Has anyone tried the solid to clean their beauty blenders? Is it worth trying?


4. Cover FX custom coverage drops! This has been on any wishlist I’ve ever done! £36. Ahh I want this so bad! I’d probably be shade N20 or N25 as my skin tone is very fair. These drops are added to anything to add some coverage in so whether that’s a foundation or a BB cream! If you like your full coverages you’d like this, and I’d LOVE it. *sobs into laptop*


5. Anastasia Beverley Hills Eyebrow stencils. £21. Okay so I can do my eyebrows without a stencil but I’d just love to experiment with different shapes and my eyebrows are so dark and full I can never cope with getting it wrong! img_1797.jpg

6. Morphe x Bretman highlighter! £29. This palette is so gorgeous! Granted there’s 2 shades I probably wouldn’t wear just because my skin tone is so fair, so maybe they’d only be used once or twice as an inner corner highlight for an eye look. But even then it’s still amazing value!


7. Stila Glitter and Glow eyeshadow. £23. I’ve seen so many YouTubers, bloggers and influencers use this and love it. Plus I have an eyeshadow shade that’s mermaid-ish and it goes into so many looks!


How awkward is that number that there’s 7 things, that probably bothered me only like but still! Never done a post like this so let me know if you liked it and want to see more. Just a quick update I now have my car back and I’m so so happy! Still can’t buy makeup though!

Thanks for reading,

Rebecca Jayne xo


  1. Those Morphe brushes look amazinggg!
    And I have never understood eyebrow stencils. They are suuuper uncomfortable. lmk if you get n with them! There were some in an Essence cosmetics eyebrow kit I had like 6 years ago and were so weird to use!
    Love the post xx

    Liked by 1 person

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