Get to know me!

Hey guys,

I recently did an IG poll asking about whether you guys want to hear more about my life and if you want me to keep you guys updated. The majority of you guys wanted to read about my life so here’s the starting point. The all about me, everything you need to know post. Oh and a few random things that the twitter fam wanted to know!

I didn’t expect to get asked so many questions, my apologies if some things are repeated!

The basics:

I’m a 20 year old from the North West of England, UK. To save the confusion I’m going to say I’m from Liverpool! I’m currently studying at the University of Liverpool, I’m in my second year of a 4 year degree in Accounting and Finance. It’s 4 years long because one year is a ‘Year In Industry’. As part of my Year In Industry I’m moving to Halifax in June. Whilst in Halifax I will be working for Lloyds Banking Group in their risk infrastructure department (don’t ask me what that means… I don’t really know yet tbh). I’m also trying so hard to get into shape at the moment, but I’ve got a post coming for you to explain more!

My family:

I’m not going to bore you with my family tree because my family is that big I’d probably get it wrong anyway. Fun fact I had a cousin that I just didn’t know about until she moved to my High School when I was 14 and put into my form group! The ones I will tell you about are… my beautiful mummy, we have such an amazing relationship, we’ve gotten so close over the past few years whilst I’ve been her carer. Honestly she’s crazy but I wouldn’t have her any other way! And my Uncle Mike, he’s my Mum’s Sister’s Husband and he’s honestly like a father to me, I adore that guy so much. He’s always just there when you need him and his jokes are so bad that they’re funny.

OH AND MY FOOF, LOVE MY FOOF. That’s my cat, called Tasha, but she’s fluffy, which is is floofy, which is now foof.

That’s my mama, ain’t she cute!

Little bit about me:

In a word: weird. In multiple words: sarcastic, awkward, sleep driven, food orientated, book smart with no common sense. Raging coffee addict and seriously missing my viv! (Viv is my car and trust ford have stolen her to fix my gearbox).


Nah not the TV series, my actual friends, yes I have actual friends. At home there’s a group of about 12 of us and the characters range from the guy I wind up because he goes to LJMU (like why be at the bottom of Brownlow Hill), to the girl who abandoned me and went to Swansea University, a friend I’ve had since I was like 5, a couple of Mothers and a hell of a lot of sarcastic individuals. I also try to keep in touch with people from High School and College! In the blogging community I’ve started to make so many friends and there’s so many people supporting me! I’d be here all day if I went into it! But they know who they are!

Twitter wanted to know:

1. Whitney Loren: ‘Why did you start your blog?’

I got really into makeup maybe like 2 years ago and I had always debated starting my own blog and never had the courage to do it. Towards the end of last year I was in a horrible relationship and when it ended I just thought ‘I need to do something for myself and make myself happy’ and my blog was born.

2. Atee Blogs: What pushes you to continue blogging and what’s your favourite makeup brand?’

Blogging makes me happy, it’s my creative outlet and it’s something I have for myself and as long as it makes me happy I will continue to do it. My favourite makeup brand is probably Morphe, good quality, affordable products!

3. Shirley Cuypers: How would you describe yourself and what makes you happy?’

I’m weird af. And a lot of things make me happy: seeing someone I haven’t seen for a while, seeing people I care about happy, seeing progression in myself or others, new makeup, food and naps.

4. Jaime Jean Morton: ‘Where’s your happy place and why?

Girl, is ‘my bed’ an appropriate answer to your question. I don’t think I have a specific happy place, I have places with good memories but I think it’s the people you’re with that make a place happy.

5. Laura Lovejoy: ‘What is your favourite thing aboutblogging

THE COMMUNITY. I adore meeting new people and finding people I have stuff in common with. Yes it’s nice to create content and grow in areas but the people in the blogging community are the high point to blogging.

6. Diana: ‘What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you recently?’

Exciting things don’t really happen to me, I live quite a mundane life. HOWEVER, I’m so excited to have a fresh start for a year and move to Halifax and I’ve started dating someone recently and I’m so excited to see where that goes! *blushing internally*

7. Elise: ‘If you could make the whole world watch one movie what would it be and why?’

Giiiirl, I’ve been searching for an answer to this since I saw that twitter notification… I can’t deal with half the world shouting at me cause I chose a bad film, I find it too stressful to have a movie night and pick a film. I suppose my answer would be any feel good film or a film that’s funny. I’d ideally have a marvel film but given my mates’ opinion on marvel that wouldn’t be a wise choice!

8. Rachel: ‘Do you have a day job, if so what is it? If you don’t already would you like to make blogging your full time thing?’

Fun fact: my mum was going to call me Rachel, we could have been name twins. I’m at uni, as of June I shall be working 9-5 (it’s actually 8-4 but you know) in Risk Infrastructure. I would adore to blog full time, that would be amazing! I’d love to mix Beauty and Finance a little more to be fair and create a blog that reflects both my passions and do that full time.

9. Nat: ‘what are your favourite things to do outside of blogging?’

HEY BOO. I’m sure you know this answer. Cake, film on, good company, relax!

10. Sophie Marak: ‘What place have you visited that had the most impact on you and why?’

Disclaimer: this answer is deep. Okay, so I’ve mentioned I’m a carer for my Mum, she has been through treatment for breast cancer, and about 12 months ago I had a horrible rash and my doctor referred me to the same department my mum first went to when she was diagnosed and honestly being in that environment and situation humbled me to my core and gave me mad respect for anyone that’s sat where I did. I had respect anyways but being in that situation it just adds something.

11. Lucy Rachael: ‘Whats’s the first thing you do when you get on a train?’

Erm, wonder where my car is. Haha I don’t travel on trains often but when I do you know I’m taking my laptop with me and doing uni work or working on blog content!

12. Diary of a Spanglish girl: ‘If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?’

BORA BORA. That is all.

I hope you guys liked this post and the chance to get to know some things about me! Keep your eyes peeled for any updates! And if you want to know more or see my daily ramblings you can check out my socials!

Big thank you sent to my twitter fam who came up with the questions and help me let you guys know more about me!

Thanks for reading,

Rebecca Jayne xo


  1. I loved this post, it was great to get to know you better. Thanks for answering my question. I wasn’t prepared for that answer, it got me really emotional. I wish you and your mum all the best!

    Sophie xxx

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