March Birchbox

Hey guys,

Coming at you with ANOTHER Birchbox review, yes I did just do one but that box was delayed and this month was on time.

Doing a quick post this month as a lot of the products I’ve received are fitting perfectly into a few of my upcoming posts! And will therefore be getting a full review shortly!

Firstly, I want to say this box design is just gorgeous and the product booklet had a mindfulness theme with the quote ‘Be Present Not Perfect’ and I just adore that.

  • BLAQ Hydrogel Eye Mask. RRP £22 for 5 pairs. Reaaal talk time what EXACTLY should these have done. Because other than feeling weird and being cold and soothing I couldn’t really give you any feedback on this? Slightly annoyed at myself cause I chose this over a blackhead face mask… well done RJ. If you want a general pamper and relax then yes in theory these would aid this cause it feels relaxing BUT if you’re buying them on the premise of them helping your under eye skin I’m sorry but just grab some aloe Vera or No7 and you’ll be fine. Total flop, totally not with the money to me. But that is my opinion and you may disagree! 3/10.
  • Benefit BADgal BANG Volumising Mascara. RRP £21.50, helloooo bargain. The fact that I got a miniature of this makes my black heart warm. I’ve seen this all over any social media. I’ve seen review after review and I’m gonna give my opinion. The thing with this mascara isn’t that you put it on and be like ‘wow I’m wearing false lashes’ because realistically that isn’t going to happen is it petal. BUT the uplifting factor with this product is that you get a lot from a little. Let me explain, ever been there with your mascara going over it until you’re like ‘yeah this is good’, this does it one layer. I’ve provided a picture showing the difference after going over my lashes ONCE. Moreover, the price point for this is pretty decent given the brand it comes from. I would like some more volume but you can’t have everything in life. 8/10

  • Sebamed Clear Face Antibacterial Cleansing Foam. RRP £7.99. Your girl suffers with acne so I will try anything for it. I’ve been trying this product out for nearly a week. You can definitely see the way it reduces acne. But, it doesn’t help with redness. It does leave your skin subtle and soft. One thing I’ve noticed is that some skin products can work really well at first and then level off and not do much. I’m trying this product for a little longer and it will be going in an upcoming post titled ‘Let’s Talk Acne’. Keep an eye out for that post on here or on my socials! So far I’m liking it… I like the price, I like the change in my skin. I’m giving it a 7/10 purely because it still needs some time for me to get a rounded view.
  • Spectrum Collections C06 Tulip Eye Contour Brush. RRP £4.99… heavy, luxe feel. Packed yet soft bristles. Blends out well even for highly pigmented shades. Nice gradual tip to help tame the powder when it’s disperses. And I take my eyeshadow brushes seriously. It’s approved. I actually already have this brush and I don’t know whether to keep it as a back up or put it in a giveaway. Opinions? Let me know down below! 10/10
  • Manna Kadar Cosmetics Bronzer and Highlighter Duo. RRP £17… Okay disclaimer, I haven’t actually tried this product. It’s tiny. I looked at it and thought my bronzer brush work not go in this. I could use it as eyeshadow but I have these shades. SO it has gone into my giveaway collection, I will be running a giveaway when I reach my next milestone on Twitter. So make sure you keep an eye out for this!

I hope you guys liked this quick post, my midterms are officially done and I have content coming your way at a back to usual pace.

Also! Bulletin for any fellow bloggers, I am starting a new series and would love to get some posts from you guys! This series is ‘Life Tips’ and if you’re interested dm me via my socials, they are insta and Twitter under the handle ‘rebeccajblog’ or you can find my social links using the top of my blog home page!

Thanks for reading,

Rebecca Jayne xo


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