What’s in my bag?

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delay in posting! Midterms have been keeping me busy!

I was recently approached by Boutique of Molly (UK based). They are an amazing online retail brand providing everything you need for a chic look! I recently purchased this gorgeous bag from them! I tried this bag out the other day and honestly it’s so perfect for those days were you don’t need to be carrying out all your worldly possessions and don’t really want to be carrying around a big bag with 2/3 things in it!

I usually opt for a big bag when I go places because I always have a laptop on me and uni books and stuff that typically doesn’t fit in a cute bag. However, I had a midterm on Tuesday and this bag perfectly fit in my necessities! I did have to make some reductions! In my bag for the day I had:

  1. Calculator
  2. Car keys
  3. Stationary for my exam
  4. Coin purse
  5. Roll on perfume
  6. Lip balm
  7. Liquid lipstick

The above summarises my life really: makeup, accounting and coffee!

I really like this bag, the colour is a deep blue, similar to a Navy Blue and it’s that type of colour that will go with most things but doesn’t stand out ridiculously with an outfit.

This bag ‘Verona’ retails for £30 and it has that luxe feel to it, you know you’re paying a fair amount for a well made bag! The chain on it has that heavy authentic weight and allows the focus to be on the bag design. I did find this to be a little stiff at first but I imagine as I use the bag more it will start to become more flexible!

To try this bag, other bags and their selection of clothing head over to their website here. And whilst you’re there make sure to use the code RJBLOG20 for 20% off your orders!

Need some style inspo? Check their insta ’boutiqueofmollyuk’

Disclaimer: the use of the code does NOT entitle me to any commission!

As usual thanks so much for reading guys and don’t forget to keep up to date with my socials. For any bloggers interested in appearing on my new series don’t hesitate to contact me via my socials ‘rebeccajblog’ or via email rebeccajblog@gmail.com

Rebecca Jayne xo


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