My hair care regime!


Updates: Okay, over the past week I’ve worked with 2 amazing bloggers and shared some posts on their pages for anyone who wants to read them I have included their links! Both personal, both an insight into me!

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  2. Story Teller Series, Social Anxiety and Depression

I never actually realised how many different hair care products I use until I went through it on a date recently (don’t ask me how that topic came up in conversation!). It got me thinking actually might share this with the blogger community, help some people out and you guys can help me out too!


  • Tresemme…  my go to shampoo to bring my dull hair to life, I opt for 24 Hour Body Shampoo. My hair feels so good after using this. I have tried other brands but I naturally gravitate back to this. Downside is the price point. I get a large bottle of this for £4.50. You can get others for cheaper but the larger bottle will last a long time and it is 900ml. and you can get smaller bottles simply to try the product or a travel size to pamper your hair whilst on holiday!
  • Batiste.. dry shampoo counts as actual shampoo right? Yeah I didn’t think so. I love batiste as my go to brand for dry shampoo. Obviously you shouldn’t be using dry shampoo regularly but this is my go to when my hair is looking a lil fat because it will bring my hair back to life. A bonus with this brand is it doesn’t stick and whiten your hair. Spray, leave for about 5 minutes and then run your fingers through it like I do or brush it through and your hair will come back to life. Handy to have around and they do bag sized cans! Also, they smell good! My personal preference is cherry.


  • Tresemme… you can’t have one without the other right? I mean you probably can but I like consistency so my conditioner matches my shampoo, 24 Hour Body Conditioner. My hair is medium-ish length and I do not need to use a lot of this at all to get a result that I like. For best results I would recommend leaving this for about 5 minutes! What I will say is this product doesn’t give your hair immense volume like the name may suggest but it does leave my hair looking and feeling good!
  • John Frieda… this product isn’t a conditioner in the conventional sense you will be thinking off. It’s actually a leave in conditioner that spray onto wet hair. I like this product although I did have a trial and error process with it. I underestimated how much I needed to give my hair that smooth finish, it’s a lot! I’m on my first bottle currently, I have no idea how long it will last but I can’t see it lasting as long as my tresemme. It is the more convent option! £6 per bottle and as the title suggests it is a Daily Miracle

Detangle/ Remove Frizz

  • Detangle and protect.. I LOVE this. I actually got sent this in my January Birchbox,  if you want a full rundown and review you can find it under that post on my blog page. This product will make my hair feel so smooth, remove frizz and it detangles. A full size bottle is £20 which is a high price point but it’s honestly a brilliant product. I’m on the sample bottle currently so I reserve it for occasions when I want my hair to look really good such as dates or event! Shop here.
  • John Frieda… I previously mentioned this spray in my conditioner section. I added it in here too because it does detangle and remove some frizz, as mentioned above it gives your hair a good finish. It acts as a more affordable option to the above.

Coconut products for your hair!

  •  Inecto Naturals Coconut Hair Oil! Is anyone else so sick of seeing the exhaustive list of things coconut oil does. I honestly used to thing ‘why is everyone promoting the use of this, it can’t be that good’. I have been corrected. I love the finish coconut oil gives to my hair. If you hair is looking a little dull then coconut oil will add that shine back to it and just make for a subtle but effective adjustment for your look. It does leave your hands feeling kind of oily but that dries down! I think I paid around £2 for the bottle I use, I can’t find it on the website of the store I got it from which is slightly annoying.
  • Coconut hair mask… I got a sample of this in my February Birchbox, a full review on this product can be found there. But this product just nourishes your hair. Really good for treated hair, if your hair is dried out. I’ve only tried it once and it isn’t a product I’ll use regularly but I will be using it when my hair feels particularly dried out. Shop here.

Some hair care advice from me to you!

  1. Use separate shampoo and conditioner!
  2. Don’t brush you hair as soon as you get out the shower, let it dry naturally a little.
  3. Don’t blow dry your hair straight away either, let it naturally dry a little.

If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to comment below or message me on my socials using the handle ‘rebeccajblog’.

Thanks for reading!

Rebecca Jayne xo


    • Yeah same! Mine just stays flat to my head, has no life to it. Yeah I wouldn’t even think about brushing it when it’s just been washed, I give it like half an hour if I can xx


  1. I really should try John Frieda more, I have super wavy/frizzy hair! I love reading about how others do their hair, it gives me ideas for mine. 😂😂

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  2. I LIVE on Batiste lol And definitely need to try the John Frieda thing for frizz. Wasn’t quite excited by the conditioner I used from them but who knows! Thanks for sharing xx

    Liked by 1 person

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