February Birchbox

Hey guys,

So this post is extremely delayed… don’t even get me ranting about my delivery (thanks Hermes! (Not)). Delayed as my box may have been… I actually was impressed with the selection. Ever say you need something and then it magically just appears in the post? No it never normally happens for me either but it did this month! Also, Birchbox let us choose the design this month and it’s so pretty!

Let’s get to the good bit, but first… swatches!

  1. The Beauty Crop (FULL SIZE) Love You So Latte Eyeshadow Trio £7 RRP. Okay, I’ve always been a bit wary of these little eye sets just because you can’t make a full look from them. There’s no transition shade and it drives me insane with these things. That being said… I did like the little look I put together with this trio. Granted I needed to reach for my trusty Laura Lee Los Angeles Cats Pajamas palette for my transition but after that I liked it. The darker shade which is the bottom swatch blended out so nicely with my transition and it’s actually really pigmented, making it easy to create a flawless look! I applied the dark shade lower down towards my crease and the outer corner of my lid. Filled in the gap with the light shimmer shade and it was a classic look, brilliant for everyday work/school makeup. 9/10 (where’s my transition?)!
  2. ModelCo (FULL SIZE) Green Concealer £14 RRP as an acne sufferer green concealer is one of my closest loves in life. After trialing MANY I have to say I love a thicker formula. Any colour corrector you apply will be one of the first things you apply for a makeup look, it needs to be able to stay in place. This one did, it was so creamy and pigmented. Blended down well but did lose a little coverage when blended. This is usual for colour correctors in my opinion. It’s not bad but I’m still holding out for that perfect colour corrector that will cover ALL redness. Also, in my opinion £14 for something that isn’t necessarily an integral part of makeup, to me, is over priced. I know similar ones for half the price! Try MUA I think that’s like £2 for a decent colour corrector. 7/10 (good but I have my problems with it).
  3. LAQA & CO. B’Lighter £12 RRP the premise somewhat confuses me. How can a product be a blush and a highlighter. Surely we’d just call it a pink toned highlighter. Or a shimmer blush (which I don’t like anyways). It’s just not my cup of my tea (#britain). I won’t be using this for its intended use. But anything shimmery is going into an eye look and you know it. That saves this product because I know it will get used I just think calling it a ‘B’lighter’ it’s slightly gimmicky. 5/10 (I wouldn’t choose to purchase this).
  4. Percy & Reed Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish £10 RRP I need an appropriate word, underwhelming/ inadequate / redundant. I don’t know which is best fitting. I can’t confidently say this does what it should do. I can’t confidently say it did much to my hair. I usually finish my hair with coconut oil.. that’s an obvious adjustment to my hair. I was so excited for this product because I thought finally something that gives my hair a nice finish and doesn’t leave my hands feeling oily! I don’t know, do I apply more see if it improves? There just wasn’t an obvious ‘Oo I like that product’. I’m not too keen on the smell of it either and if it’s going on my hair then that’s an obvious smell people will notice on me all day. It has an obvious chemically smell I want to describe it as. There’s a subtle perfume scent to it, it just doesn’t overpower the chemical smell. 3/10 (it’s a no from me).
  5. Luseta Coconut Milk Hair Mask £32 RRP I think when I was born I was cursed to ONLY like EXPENSIVE hair products. Why? Oh why did I have to like this! I can’t even lie and say my hair didn’t feel so soft after this went on it. Simple product, works well, smells nice. I like it, don’t like the price point. I can find affordable good makeup but can’t find affordable hair products I like. Is it me? Or are hair products over priced? Idk! 10/10 product, I’d pay £32 for this my hair is dyed and damaged and needs this level of TLC every now and again. Due to the price point I wouldn’t use this every time I washed my hair or even weekly to be honest guys. It’s a nice boost to have when your hair needs it! 8/10 (price point).

I hope you guys liked this post! You will definitely not be waiting as long for my March Birchbox review… guys it has benefits badgal mascara in it! I’m so excited!

As usual thanks for reading and I have a guest post with uponmydesk on Wednesday about my journey with mental health, check my socials for updates! @rebeccajblog

Rebecca Jayne xo


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