Okay, I’m a face mask addict.

Hey Guys,

Who doesn’t love a good face mask from time to time? Well I never used to. I think I tried one when I was a teenager and it brought out all my spots and I was so unimpressed with it. I had the usual reaction of ‘ I didn’t want it to do that, I’m never using a face mask every again’. Dramaaaatic much? Seriously like that was my outlook for so long. But my little world has been changed and I’m honestly an addict, if I could spend a whole day just applying, setting, removing, reapplying all my face masks I probably would. Is that unhealthy or really good skincare? Yeah it’s unhealthy… but it comes from a good place!

If you’ve seen my other posts you will know by now, I have bad skin. I went through that whole teenage, puberty, bad skin phase when I was in high school like every teenager does. What I didn’t expect is to be 20 years old and have skin like I did when I was 13. Don’t get me wrong this hasn’t been a constant thing in my life my skin did clear up when I was a teenager. I started taking the contraceptive pill in August of last year just to alter my cycle to fit in better with holiday plans. My body really doesn’t deal well with hormones to be honest. Due to past experiences with the pill I was advised to take the oestrogen only pill, and I was so happy when it didn’t make me sick. What it did do however, was break my skin out. I have had horrible breakouts and a general dislike for my skin since August last year due to this pill. I kind of accepted that my skin is just going to be like that for a couple of months and then desperate times called for desperate measures… A FACE MASK.

I think my face mask addiction started off as a harmless method to clear my skin. I have 2 masks that I wear on the regular as a form of maintaining the cleanliness of my pores and treating breakouts. I’ve probably mentioned them already on my skin care post. But imma mention them again:

  1. Bodyshop tea tree (£10, bargaaaain)
  2. Garnier Pure active intense.

Those above are the face masks I use because I want my spots and breakouts to just disappear one day. But I do use other face masks to purely make my skin feel good which is important in general and if you are wearing makeup as much as I do I think it’s vital to keep your skin feeling healthy.

  1. Keep it hydrated – KIKO
  2. Revitalise your skin – Jack Wills
  3. nügg Face Mask.. revitalising.

Face masks are so good for your skin, I’ve yet to come across one that I wasn’t impressed with. Whether you’re using them to battle a specific skin problem or purely to treat yourself I’m sure I could recommend a product for you!

Side note: I’m honestly sat here typing this whilst I have a face mask on and I feel like it’s been on for far too long by now!

I read a post done by one of my friends in the blogger community and it was about lush face masks, I feel like I’ve tried one a while ago but I don’t recall so I’m going to have to invest and update you guys on my thoughts! If you want to read her post you can; just click here.

I hope you guys liked my post! If you have any face masks for me to try post them below! I really want to try a bubble mask, anyone tried them or have any thoughts on them? Let me know!

Rebecca Jayne xo


  1. As a cosmetologist, I train students how to take care of their skin. I think I should write about a complete skin care routine to help people around. 🙂 Drink plenty of water every day, it will keep the toxins away from the skin. Everyday cleansing and face mask once/twice a week is healthy. Besides, try using mud mask which eliminates excess oil from the skin and in return reduces the chance of acne and pimples.

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  2. I still suffer badly with acne, currently on acne treatment for it. D finitely going to give the Body Shop face mask a go! I love the Lush facemasks, they’re so soothing and not too harsh on my skin as it’s quite sensitive ☺️

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