Fancy Dress: Modern day Pink Lady


A few weekends ago one of my friends had a fancy dress party/games night and I saw this pink lady jacket in the fancy dress shop and was set for my costume, loved it! Although, one downside is pink lady makeup is really simple and plain, somewhat  limiting for someone who enjoys spending hours doing their makeup. Figured I’d add a twist. I’d be the 2018 version of frenchy (I bought a pink wig, I did not wear it). I figured frenchy would be the most appropriate character given her love of beauty.

My aim when I thought of this character idea really was to do the character as you have seen her in the movie. With that in mind I started with a basic neutral look for my face. I used my usual go to products to even out my skin tone and create a flat base to work with. If you’ve read any of my other posts you may know I opt for products such as YSL All Hours Foundations and Tarte Shape Tape concealer to cover my flaws and get a base I like. This is my standard approach to any makeup look I do where I want my skin to look good as I do suffer with acne/breakouts. My post Do you have any hobbies? Yes… makeup… gives a more detailed explanation on how I deal with covering blemishes.

After I did my base I thought to myself ‘well what now’ because there was no way I was about to start contouring and chiselling out my cheek bones, it wasn’t decade appropriate for my character.  This is when the idea came to me to simply play around with the idea of ‘pink lady’ as an in your face pink makeup look. I don’t know about anyone else but I actually actively avoid pink blush, in my opinion its too vibrant for an everyday makeup look. That being said when I bought Morphe’s 9B Blush Palette I saw a shade and thought I’m never going to use you. It honestly stands out so bad. Click the link and you’ll know what shade I mean instantly. It slightly reminded me of that pink shade you would get in like children’s makeup. But it was perfect for a pink lady makeup look so thank you Morphe! I was surprised by this blush because on my face it doesn’t look so bright and it was a nice shade not only for the look but as an everyday shade… it looked good. Don’t judge a book guys, well I shouldn’t anyways! It’s just what a pink lady needed to stand out.


Eyeeeeshaaaadoooooow: (calm RJ please)

I wanted to maintain that in your face pink look with my eyes and that’s what I did. I followed usually steps in that I primed my eyelids with my concealer, I set that with a white eyeshadow shade and applied a transition shade. I wanted a more neutral transtion shade rather than a more warm toned shade that I would usually go for and Morphe’s 35K Eyeshadow Palette has some really cool tone shades that  make amazing transitions particularly if you’re fair toned like myself. SHOCKING NEWS: I don’t own a single bright pink eyeshadow shade, I wouldn’t even confidently say I own an eyeshadow individual or palette that can be classified as pink. Purple? Yes, quite a few. Pink? Nope. My Mum does though! I tried to build up a pink look going off my blush palette and the shade I had used on my cheeks, yes because it was pink, but also because it created a structure to the look. I did, however, feel I needed a more vibrant shade and that’s were my Mum was a gem! She got the ‘Makeup Couture Pro Eyeshadow  Palette’ for Christmas and it has this really deep pink shade that I thought was prefect to build up around my crease for a punch of pink colour.

SIDENOTE: I always link in products I use that are vital to a look I’ve done but the only place I can find this palette is on EBAY and I’m so so reluctant to link Ebay for makeup purely due to how much fake makeup is on that site. (Slightly worried about what I put on my eye now). What I will say is that you could use any vibrant pink shade for this look and I’ve added a swatch of the shade so you can get an idea of the colour I used!


Down below you can see my final look following final touches! This included a shimmer on my lid, I can not remember what shade because this was a month ago. I know, I’m awful, I’m sorry! That pink lip was Maybelline 24hr Colour Stay, shade pink goes on (183) and this wore really well actually. You firstly apply the liquid colour and then apply a topper once the colour has dried down and it really did keep the colour on my lips, quite impressive!

And there you have it! As much pink makeup as a person can get on their face, I loved this look!

Thanks for reading guys! Sorry I had no post up on Sunday I’ve been so poorly!

Rebecca Jayne xo









  1. I think this is a super cute idea! I love theme parties and hangouts. I think you look quite fab as lady pink and that pic with your rollers in is quite cute lol 😍 Color Stay is amazing and it’s my everyday work makeup! Thanks for sharing and linking 😊

    xx Lena |

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