Valentines Makeup & Date Ideas!


Valentines Day is so close. Typically I love Valentines Day because I’m such a sucker for romance and having an excuse to be affectionate person. But guess who’s bitter as anything right now (yes it’s me). However, I am doing a little Valentines post, makeup look for the date I won’t have and ideas for the date I won’t be going on. But i adore you guys and this is what you would want to see so here it is!


If I actually went on a Valentines date (lol) I’d spend more time on my face makeup and covering my spots and contouring etc etc, where as for this I did my standard face makeup and wanted to focus on my eyes as a more themed look with my eyes as the focus.

So, focusing on my eyes… what products did I use for this look?

Lovely pictures RJ but what palettes are they? Okay, so the first palette is my holy grail palette it’s Laura Lee Los Angeles Cats Pajamas, If you’ve read my other posts you’ve probably picked up on my love for this palette anyway! The second picture is the Morphe 350 palette, lovely copper/warm shades in this palette.

Does anyone else ever do their makeup, get to their eyes and think I have no idea what I actually want to do? Ever noticed those looks end up being your favourite makeup looks? That’s what happened here. Yes, its not the most technically perfect look and now that I’ve done it there’s a list of thing I’d do differently, but for me this look turned out so well in terms of the cut crease and my eye liner (my left eye is hella twitchy, eyeliner is not something that eye will participate with!)

My basic idea for a valentine look was staying with those warm tones and adding in splashes of colours like reds and golds that are normally synonymous with Valentines or romance.

  1. I primed my eyelids with my concealer like I usually opt for, in this case I used Tarte Shape Tape, I then set this with the white shade ‘Okie Dokie’ from the Cats Pajamas palette.
  2. I built up the colour around my eyes to create that vivid punch of colour you see. Firstly starting with ‘Cray Cray‘ as a transition shade before going in with the 350 palette and using the shade pointed out to add a hint of ‘red’ to the look. The second shade was kept lower down and built up slowly to add a nice blend between the two shades.  If I were to re do this section of the look I would probably opt for a shade I’ve used from the 350 that is more of a coppery red as it has a more pigmented effect when blended out. Moreover, I would opt for a lighter transition shade so that the red shade can have more of an impact without being over cast by a dark colour. The shade I would use as a transition would be ‘Bomb Diggity’
  3.  Creating the cut crease was my next step. Given that this has never been a              strength of mine, I decided it was best to use a concealer that doesn’t have the highest coverage and was thinner. This allowed me to slowly build up the affect of the concealer without having one quick mistake made. To do this I used  MUA Cover & Conceal ( I use this concealer alot to cut makeup looks such as my eyebrows due to the fact this product is build able and has a smaller easy to work with doefoot applicator. My tip for creating a cut crease would be to start creating an arch in the middle of you crease and working outward from the centre!
  4. Crease cut, what’s next,  I set the concealer line I had created by going over that line with a white eyeshadow, I went back to the ‘Okie Dokie’. This was done to prevent the concealer moving, same approach you’d take when applying concealer anywhere!
  5. POP OF COLOUR! I live for shimmery eye looks, I don’t really where eyeshadow without that central shimmer; whether that be shimmery eyshadow, glitter pigments or even highlighter! Sticking with the Laura Lee palette I used the shade ‘Scatter brain’, this is a beautiful shimmery gold shade on its own and is highly pigmented, but I wanted a strong shimmery gold so I wet this eyeshadow after packing it onto a flat synthetic brush in order to get the highest colour pay out possible! I feel like the shimmery element of this look is very interchangeable even for a Valentines look, swap the gold for a red, swap the gold for a vivid white, swap the gold for a pink. (Okay, imma stop now).
  6. Okay so that’s your eyeshadow done… but wait, there’s more to an eyelook than just that.. come on..

COMPLETE list of eye products used:

EYELINER TIP! You’re probably thinking ‘RJ there’s two eyeliners on that list, why?’ Well, I like to use two eyeliners when creating a winged liner look. I used the Zoeva Cat Eye Pen to create the base for a really sharp wing and the outline of the eyeliner. I use gel eyeliner to fill in and complete the eyliner, I just find gel eyeliner easier to work with but harder to get that sharp line with!

I’m not the world’s most ‘lovey’ and soppy person, I was cringed out just looking at all the valentines day stuff in ASDA the other day. However, I do believe in sentimentality and romance. I’ve made a quick list of stuff that I feel are a good way to be romantic and sincere to your partner without falling into this cliche, over dramatic valentines night.

  1. Go back to where you went on your first date, you’re doing something that will mean a lot to the both of you and you will be building on already created memories!
  2. Do something that summarises your relationship. Are you an active couple? Go outside and do something active. Take a bike ride together, grab some lunch. Are you a creative couple? Go and make something together, me personally I’ve always wanted a date like that seen out of ‘Ghost’ making pottery.
  3. Really think about what your partner would appreciate. Are they really busy and stressed? Chances are they’d just appreciate a cosy night in, a chance to relax and spend quality time with you away from all their other stresses.
  4. Listen to them, me personally, if I have something I’d like to do I can be really vocal about it. For example… Have they said they’d love to get out of *insert city here*? Then take them away from there whether that be going for a meal but in a different city, go away for the night, book a holiday for summer and surprise them!
  5. Focus on them…Do they feel like you don’t pay enough attention to an element of their life, have they said you spend too much time on your phone/laptop/ xbox/blog… then give them a night where you show full attention to them.


Thanks for reading guys! I’ve got an upcoming post a part of a ‘storytellers’ section with another blogger. Check my socials for updates! All my socials are now under the handle ‘rebeccajblog’ (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram)

Rebecca Jayne xo


  1. I also have no Valentine’s Day Date this year. We are both working so it’s a pass. Your look is stunning though I’m glad you did A Valentines Day Date look! I will be focusing on myself this Valentine’s Day I got a Lush Bath Bomb waiting for me as well as other pampering items. If I wan’t on Antibiotics for a sinus infection I would have a bottle of wine too but that is going to have to chill until I am well again!

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