The Lip Look Cycle


I don’t know about anyone else but I sort of go through phases with lip products. I’ll spend weeks just wearing one type of product whether that be: lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, liquid lipstick. I get stuck in the same little cycle. Currently I’m in between lip balm and lip gloss. Lip balm is my everyday and lip gloss is me making an effort.


As shown in the diagram above (top 10 things a lecturer says), you can see that from my perspective it sort of progresses slowly and then when you start wearing liquid lipstick on the regular you need to restart and restore! Well that’s my life anyway.

Okay, so why different lip products? Why opt for one over the other. The first obvious distinction is colour pay out, I’ve tried to make this as obvious as I can with the lil diagram, clearly lip balm has the least colour pay out and liquid lipstick may give the biggest punch of colour because it dries and stays in place and doesn’t necessarily fade like regular lipsticks, more on that later…

Lip balm.. Stage 1 of the cycle. (I’ve had too much coffee to not find myself amusing saying ‘stage 1’, yeah I know I’m odd, you guys should know this by now too!). Okay, stage 1. I feel like lip balm is the most basic lip look and I opt for clear lip balm, is that really a lip look if it has no colour? I’m obliged to say yes. But why? Using a lip balm to create a lip look is so subtle but so effective. Ever seen that episode of friends where Joey takes Rachel out on a ‘date’ and they talk about moves? What’s Joey’s? LIP BAAALM. It genuinely makes your lips look good.

Firstly, lip balm makes your lip’s look healthy. Well, technically it does actually make your lips healthy and moisturised because that’s the purpose of this product; even with using any lip product I’d still say use this regularly because the most important factor for any makeup look is having a good base. Secondly, I feel like my lips look brighter and bigger when I’ve applied certain lip balms and that’s a lip look in its self. Regardless of the absence of a colour (although, you can get a coloured lip balm that creates a more sheer look) if you’re adjusting the appearance of an element of something then it adds to your overall look. Yes this is a subtle option but it adds a natural improvement. Click here for my current favourite! I love this brand, although given the simplicity of the product I’ve never really came across a ‘bad’ lip balm. Yes I’ve had some that in my opinion are better than others (carmex) I’ve never hated a lip balm. Let’s be honest, no one can ever keep a lip balm for long enough to hate it!

Lip gloss.. Stage 2 (seriously sound like a business lecturer in my head rn). At the moment lip gloss is what I wear when I feel like making an effort, if I went on a date for example I’d be wearing lip gloss (if you follow my IG I promise it is lip gloss I’m up to I had liquid lipstick on for a future blog look). I feel like lip gloss basically does the same thing lip balm does but glossier and obviously this is not a moisturising product unless you find a moisturising lip gloss (if you do, send one my way… I beg). Lip gloss can be a really quick and pretty final touch to any makeup look really due to your lips having that natural shine look to them, similar to lip balm, but with the added advantage of being able to play around with colour to. Although, I personally opt for a more neutral shade when it comes to lip gloss; I don’t know why.

Anyone who has ever purchased lip glosses from multiple brands know that they don’t all wear the same. Insert flash backs to that one gross, overly sticky lip gloss everyone has regretfully bought. I feel like finding a brand that can perfect a good lip gloss is like a god send. I honestly will always  buy my lip glosses from the same brand, my personal favourite is NYX Butter Gloss shade fortune cookie. This will probably always be my go to unless they mess with the formula. This product wears so well, isn’t ridiculously sticky. It does have that typical lip gloss texture to it but more in the sense that yes your hair will probably stick to it a little bit and not that if you kiss someone you’re going to end up like Georgia and Peter Dyer from Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging (so gross).

TANGENT: Has anyone else tried those lip plumping lip glosses? I’ve started using them and I can not for the life of me settle on an opinion. Are they gimmicky or are they actually doing what they should? Granted my lips have looked bigger but doesn’t a shiny lip look have that affect anyway? Pure example of using subjective selling points.

Lipstick… Stage 3. Okay question, why is ‘lipstick’ one word but ‘lip gloss’ is two? Someone explain that one to me cause I’m baffled. Seriously, this is what I think about #beautybloggerproblems.  I feel like me going through and ‘explaining’ lipstick lip looks to makeup fans is the same as explaining to a baker what bread is. I’m not going to do that to your guys. I spade is a spade. Lipstick adds a colour to lips and a creamy look to lips. However, what I am going to do is give you guys a quick list of my favourite lipsticks!

  1. KIKO Smart Fusion Lipstick
  2. LOC Matte colour stick, read more here.
  3. MAC Lip Duo

Liquid Lipstick… Stage 4. So we started moisturising and now we’re on to the most drying lip product (BEAUTY HACKS to fight this). We also started with subtle and natural lip looks and now we’re onto a category that holds some of the most in your face products to create vibrant lip looks! From sheer to matte. I adore liquid lipsticks. Just like a ‘regular’ lipstick a liquid lipstick adds a pop of colour to your look but the huuuuge selling point to a liquid lipstick is that in theory it shouldn’t move. Will it come off? Yes. Will it be disturbed? Yes. But will it be moved around every time you move your lips? Nope. That’s what I like, I can go to an interview or a presentation for example without worrying that I need to fix my lip look EVERY TIME I take a sip of my coffee. I also personally just prefer that ‘set’ matte finish that a liquid lip look has rather than the creamy look of lipsticks, that’s simply preference. Also, an amusing difference between lipstick and liquid lipstick is when a guy for example complains about ‘all those products’, thinks he has it all figured out and then is baffled when your lipstick doesn’t move. I’m sorry but if anyone has ever seen the look of shock on someones face when your lipstick will not budge they will understand the amusement. Some work more than others for this, try Stila stay all day. Liquid lipstick can be a hassle to get right especially when you’re working with those deeper shades, give yourself a starting point and outline your lips with a lip liner!

As we can see the progression of lip looks goes from minimal colour to in your face vibrant looks. From shiny to matte. From moisturising to drying. Something that will last a few hours to something that can last 12 (if you don’t eat food that a liquid lipstick doesn’t agree with).

SIDE NOTE: Lip looks will look miles better if your lips are in good condition, don’t forget to add lip care products to your skin care routine! Lip scrubs are a god send when your lips are battered with heavy products!

Thanks for reading guys, this post was sooo delayed and I’m so sorry. Lets blame the person that decided it was fun to give me 3 9am lectures in a week. I’M TIRED! Liverpool uni played me bad this semester.

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Rebecca Jayne xo

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