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Other than my birchbox reviews I don’t think I’ve done many product reviews so I figured I’d change that and where better to start than with the gift that is highlighter. Honestly, I love a little bit (a lot) of highlighter in any makeup look. I could say ‘no makeup today’ and probably still end up with highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes; its just sooooo pretty! I think because highlighter is such a loved product every brand making any form of makeup probably has a highlighter in its arsenal and if it doesn’t it probably will at some point @lauralee wheres my highlighter at girl?

The creation a wide product pool not to mention the number of fake highlighters being sold from online platforms can make it so hard to get value for money. Just a piece of advice from one beauty geek to another.. NEVER, EVER opt for unbranded cheap af products online, I’m sorry, yes it’s a bargain but you need to know you can trust what you’re putting on your skin. There are affordable options out there people! There are also hella expensive options if you’re bougie like me. I’ve generated a list of highlighters in an ascending order from least to most bougie.

Collection, speedy highlighter, Shop here, £3.99  .  My standard opinion of Collection is that it’s one of the best brands to go to for affordable makeup that actually works. I’ve used their mascaras, their colour corrector and I just had to grab a highlighter. I tried the tester in boots and guuuurl my hand was shining. I ADORE this highlight. It’s not a powder highlight, it’s more like a roll on highlight, like a shimmer stick and it’s so quick and easy to add to your look (speedy highlight). Simply apply and then smudge out with your finger, flawless glow. Check out my most recent insta upload (Rebeccajblog) to see my makeup yesterday with this highlight. I’ve actually used this highlight pretty much non stop since I bought it last week, its been on my face, on my eyelids, on my shoulders, on my collarbone its just beautiful, honestly. Totally recommend this product for anyone and everyone!

Beautiful Highlight, I don’t understand why its only £4 but I’m not complaining!

Primark palette… oh Primark you little gem. I think as a nation we can agree Primark is one of the things that the UK has done well with, that and a spoons. You can never go wrong with spending £100+ on clothes in Primark. Well what about the makeup? Primark makeup is hit and miss, their brush cleaner is so useless and their eyeshadow palette holds zero pigment. HOWEVER, let me tell you about their highlighter. I think I paid around £5 (downside to primark not listing their products online, I don’t know how much it was) for a palette containing 4 highlighters: white, gold, pink and bronze. For those of you who’ve read my Beauty hacks and subsequently seen my insta feed you would know my go to is to wet any highlighter to give it a full glow. That is also my go to with this palette. I don’t think I often wear this without reaching for my setting spray first. Without applying the spray you’ll get a nice subtle glow which is fine for subtle makeup looks, I had a job interview last week and subtle glow was more appropriate so this palette was handy. Any other situation it wouldn’t be my go to highlighter. Well, I suppose that’s not 100% accurate the white is nice for highlighting the brow bone. Is it worth having a whole palette for using a single highlight? I mean no, but, it was affordable so if you have palette space then go for it! The size of this palette is probably a standard square size, similar to Morphe’s 9B or 9BZ size!

Not a total flop of a highlighter but price meets value.

NYX, Born to Glow, Shop here, £8.00 . Um, idek what to say about this, I can’t settle on one opinion; its somewhere on a scale. So far we’ve looked at two highlights, one blinding and one naturally subtle, this falls somewhere inbetween the two. It’s not a poor highlight, I’ve put highlighter on in the past and its honestly does nothing, this isn’t like that. I think given that the product is a liquid highlight you do have to contend with the element of what happens when it dries down. To initially apply this product you see a decent glow and a highlight I’d be happy with it just doesn’t maintain that wet look on your face; kind of underwhelming; leaving it in that space between blinding and subtle. It’s a product you would probably need to try to find out whether it satisfies you. TIP: If it’s too subtle just top it up with a powder, no one will know. Honestly, I think NYX tried a little too hard to keep up with what other brands have done and it didn’t work out too well for them.

I don’t have a word, there’s not an appropriate adjective to describe this.

Mac, Strobe Cream, Shop here, £25. This was my free sample once, I love you MAC. This product comes in two sizes, well three if you count my free sample of 6ml. The link is for the full 50ml bottle but the 30ml bottle is £10. I’ve honestly just spent a few minutes checking that’s right. In theory just buy two 30ml bottles for £10 each, get an extra 10ml for £5 less. Well done MAC, great pricing techniques. However, the little bottle doesn’t come with the shade options where as the 50ml has 5 shades. Suppose it depends how much shade of highlighter impacts your decision tbh. The small bottle is a neutral white colour and blends out into a subtle shine. In theory, although, this is a luminizing moisturiser rather than highlight but it reflects iridescent sparkles so I’d never throw this all over my face ngl. I can’t in any way really put this product down, it’s simple and effective. I’ve not touched this in maybe 3/4 months and its been dragged out of a drawer and I’m going to start using it again. Anyone else ever forget about products that are bomb af and then fall back in love with them?

Hating that I forgot about this!

Stila, Heavens Hue, Shop here, £28 Ooooo she pretty. Favourite highlighter ever. Of course my favourite highlighter retails for nearly £30. Couldn’t go with the affordable ones could you RJ? I saw this highlighter on  a few videos actually on YouTube as people wondered if it was a gimmick to be honest. It is a putty highlighter (sooo much fun ngl). It’s not putty in the sense you can like throw it around and roll it into a ball or whatever other ideas you can think of. It’s putty in the sense you  can squish it down and move it about in its case which is entertainment enough for me. I apply this highlighter by dampening a beauty blender, rolling that over the highlighter and dabbing the product onto my face. I do this after I’ve applied a setting spray but whilst that spray is still wet, trial and error with this product shows that how it works best for me. Given the texture it may not be wise to apply direct onto a powder that’s why I opt for applying it onto wet setting spray. I can’t fault this highligher, I own two to be honest. I have quite a fair complexion so the shade transcendence works best with my skin tone as its more of a pink shade. The shade kitten I own because I ordered the wrong shade when I first purchased this product (oops) but this highlighter works so well for a wet, glowy eye look and its one of my go to looks actually because I can apply a base, transition and then this highlight all over my lid with a flat synthetic brush and its such a simple, glowy but calm look. I think I did that eyelook for the interview I previously mentioned. Wow I use a lot of highlight.

Worth the price point. I’m not bougie, honest, I do love the gold case though.

Verdict? So what did we learn? Nothing RJ, its a blog not lecture notes. Seriously, a price point doesn’t determine worth. My two favourite highlighters are at either end of this price analysis. £4? Love it. £28? Love it. Hopefully this post has assisted in making sure you get what’s worth your money!

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Rebecca Jayne xo

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