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If you’re a fan of all things beauty, firstly welcome, secondly I’m sure at some point friends, family or even judgeful neighbours have questioned the amount of beauty related products you own. My suggestion, become a beauty blogger its a great excuse to buy things as it’s ‘content’. Seriously though, I recently watched a documentary about the amount of money people spend on beauty products and why people constantly by stuff that in theory you don’t actually need and I found it really interesting and figured if I found it interesting you guys will to!

The obvious consideration first is the brand and its related branding and packaging, this is for two reasons:

  1. A brand can add validity to a product. Let’s be honest unless you thoroughly research a product (which most people don’t) you’re more inclined to naturally trust a product coming from a more established brand and more importantly trust that the price point reflects the value of the product. Why? If a brand is established and well known you’re more likely to believe it’s products will work as there has to be a reason it’s an established brand, surely its products must work in order for the brand to be successful? And yes, in theory I’m inclined to believe that logic. However, just because a brand is established doesn’t mean every single product that they launch is going to be a product you will benefit from or even like. I have brands that I purchase from on a regular basis, none of which I would confidently say have given me a worthwhile product 100% of the time. Consumers can and will put too much faith in a brand. I’m not in anyway attempting to rip apart the power of successful branding or even the working needed to build a reputation. I just want you guys to consider whether you’re buying a product because that foundation for example is the best foundation currently or if you’re buying it due to the associated brand. This may not be a massive issue for people but the difference in price can be substantial purely due to the name attached to a product.
  2. I don’t know about you but have you ever debated what you’d buy if you had an unlimited budget. Is there a certain ideal for you that comes to mind? That ideal image we have of ourselves can really impact upon the products we choose to buy.  Whether that be the brand name as I mentioned previously or whether it’s simply the look of a product. I know I personally would opt for more luxury brands. Why?  Because in modern day society being rich is attractive its an ideal that people aspire for and the main way people showcase any wealth is via what they own. When you go to a makeup counter and choose the more luxury brand it can be because subconsciously you want to be seen as wealthy or you want to be able to be someone that can easily afford those items so you buy it anyway.  You’re choosing to buy the products that you feel show you in the most appealing way to yourself.  I’m totally not suggesting everyone wants to be ridiculously rich or seen as wealthy but think about next time you go to buy an expensive item. Consider why. It’s an interesting thing your mind can do.

Shopping Environment:  Consider the following factors…

  1. Rude/ Friendly sales assistant
  2. Appearance of sales assistant
  3. Layout of shop
  4. Busyness of shop

I’m pretty confident that when you read that list for each item your brain either went to an ideal situation, a worst case situation, or an experience you’ve had. I think some factors will either impact someone more or less depending on what they’re purchasing. For example, if I wanted advice on skin care speaking to someone who had a more of a ‘professional’ look will make me more inclined to take on board their advice, or, if you want someone to recommend a brow product and they have flawless eyebrows you’ll be more inclined to believe them. Yes, I know what you’re thinking ‘RJ don’t judge a book by it’s cover’. Totally fair statement to make but beauty products are known as ‘experience’ goods. What this means is that a consumer will never know the true worth of a product without testing it for themselves. Therefore, in a purchasing decision situation you have to work with what you’ve got. You can’t fully assess a product but you can asses the validity of the information you’re being given and you do that from the environment and the source of the information. Thus impacting your willingness to buy certain products

Additionally, if you’re interested in trying new products you’re probably going to be spending more time in the shop making a decision. Me and my anxious self will not be up for that if the shop is really busy and I will probably just end up going for products or brands I’ve already tried. More of a ‘convenience’ product rather than what your initial mindset was looking for. peaking of ‘convenience’ or well lack off, ever been in a shop that is an actual maze? Ever thought the harder something is to find the less the hassle is worth? Which again will impact what you do or don’t buy. Also, if a shop is busy as you can imagine sales assistants may be busier or may not be able to spend as long talking to you about products, a persuasion element to encourage you to buy a product is missing!

Aaaand I left the quickest for the last. RUDE sales assistants, I am petty to my core and if you’re rude to me I wont buy stuff from you. Obviously you don’t own the company and it probably makes zero difference to your life but I am just that way inclined. On the flip side, if you’re nice to me and I’m not hiding in my little anxious shell I’ll quite happily speak to you about makeup for half an hour and probably think of new products that I didn’t initially want. We all know that’s how the beauty community works!

CATCH PHRASES.. okay, granted they wont be ‘catchy’ but phrases such as ‘adds radiance’ or ‘dermatologically tested’ tempt consumers. I 100% understand the temptation because those phrases link it to areas already mentioned such as ‘your ideal self’ and ‘validating a product’. In reality though how accurate are these phrases? If you don’t want to know then skip the upcoming list because I wish I didn’t know;  those phrases tend to be big selling points for ALOT of people. There’s the warning. As mentioned I watched a documentary and I’m literally just going to recall some of the facts that I learnt regarding this topic.

  1. ‘DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED’ this means the product has been tested on a singular person, as long as a product has been one person’s skin then this claim is valid. It’s not what would come to mind but its valid
  2. ‘CLINICALLY PROVEN’ there was testing done on a product (that”s standard for all products really). These claims don’t have to be supported and there isn’t currently any tests to verify how clinically proven a product is to do anything to be honest.
  3. ‘RESTED AND RADIANT’ this is a subjective statement, everyone has their own opinions on what this is. Therefore it makes it an easy and effective way to  promote a product; sort of irrelevant to the product other than making you think ‘I’d love to look like I haven’t binge watched friends all night’. Tied into this is a very valid point my friend just made. She saw an add I presume for ‘long wearing lip liner’ and said to me ‘how long is long wearing?’. This is what I’m getting at, its a subjective statement, it depends what you view as long wearing, making it an easy claim to be added onto a product. Depending on your previous experience with other lip liners, you will either agree or disagree with the claim made.

SO, in conclusion… a company can pretty much make an unsupported claim on a product and no ones there to check. OH WAIT, we are. And people wonder why so many people write beauty blogs or post YouTube videos! Got to give each other the T on products.

Did anyone else find that interesting or was that just me? I found the documentary interesting and if you found this post interesting then I’ve copied the link in for you guys to watch!

The truth about looking good!

As usual thank you so much for reading and let me know if there’s anything you want to see! Just to keep you updated, I’ve changed my Insta handle and created a Facebook page relating to this blog so give it a like and follow for updates!

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