I’m a Sol Theory ambassador!!


I’m so so excited to share this news with you guys! I mean given the post title you know what I’m going to say anyways… this post is just a quick chance for me to explain a little more about the brand and to let you guys know what this opportunity means for you!

About a week ago, following my last blog post (wow a whole week) I posted an IG picture which is what I usually do to promote my posts. This post received attention from the brand ‘Sol Theory’ due to them offering a similar product as Birchbox (which my last blog was about). This was important to me because I’m keen to work with products that I genuinely enjoy and wouldn’t want to recommend or promote a product to you that I personally wouldn’t purchase. So what is Sol Theory?

Sol  Theory is a brand that offer a subscription to a monthly box of products. Unlike birchbox this isn’t purely makeup, in fact Sol Theory is primarly eyewear at its core but offers much more!  My monthly subscription is for a single pair of glasses and a selection of beauty products. This is only one of NINE options available and don’t worry boys they’ve got you covered too! The subscription options available are:

  1. Single Pair and Beauty Products (HERS) $21
  2. Single Pair and One Jewellery Accessory (HERS) $19.99
  3. Single Pair and Two Jewellery Accessories (HERS) $26.99
  4. Single Pair (HERS) $12.99
  5. Two Pair (HERS) $19.99
  6. HIS & HERS $19.99
  7. Single Pair (HIS)$12.99
  8. Two Pair (HIS) $19.99
  9. Beauty Box $16.99


I adore the selection variety they have and if my love life wasn’t so pitiful I would definitely be investing in a HIS & HERS box, because I love couple products like that! (Here’s hoping any guy interested in me doesn’t read this and then runaway).

Okay, so lets address the elephant in the blog.. I’m UK based, this brand is US based but guys I’m going to be totally honest with you, it’s still affordable af. My subscription plus shipping when converted into £’s is less than £25. Given the products you’re getting and the fact it is being shipped from America it’s decent value for money. Take my subscription for example, each monthly box is at a minimum value of $75 (£53) and contains one pair of glasses and up to 7 FULL SIZED beauty products that’s $9.30 (£6.60) per product, that’s an actual steal.

AND guys, if you subscribe to Sol Theory the value can only get better as you will receive 15% off your first box using the code RJBLOG

I’m always aiming to be completely honest with you guys and to avoid any misunderstandings… I am not being paid to promote the brand and I receive no money in return for your use of my coupon code! I may receive products depending on how much my code is used which will allow me to review products and give more back to you guys! But as usual I will be 110% honest in my review and always give you guys genuine feedback on products!

This product can be shipped within the USA, Canada, UK and France. And your subscription can be cancelled at any time by accessing your Sol Theory account. To get a better idea of what Sol Theory can give to you head over to their website here or check out their insta for product pictures and general Fashion & Beauty inspo!

Insta: soltheory

I will be keeping you guys updated on this brand and it’s products. Moreover, keep an eye out on here and my socials for product reviews and sneak peaks on available products!

Twitter: @beckparko     Insta: rebeccajblog      Snapchat: Beck.px

Rebecca Jayne xo

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