January Birchbox


Apparently a Birchbox is the only thing that will get me out of bed early. My alarm went off, I woke up and thought ‘might just stay here for a bit’. Then a text come through from the Mother ‘pink box in the living room’. Yep, I got out of bed.  As promised I am continuing with the Birchbox Reviews! This review is for the January box that Birchbox did with ‘Ohh Deer’. This is I believe a service such as Birchbox but for stationary items rather than makeup. With my box was a discount code use the code: BIRCHBOX for 20% off. With that out of the way, let’s get to the review!

  • Lord and Berry Blusher Crayon (peach). Honesty time, I’ve never really tried ‘crayon’ type products, I tend to stick to the usual form makeup comes in. I have tried a cream blush and I didn’t enjoy it, always preferred the powder, especially given that I apply my blush as one of my last steps so it’s going onto a powder! Therefore, I was reluctant yet eager to try this and see how it compares to a regular powder blush! In a word.. likeable. It’s not a bad product, it’s not breath taking, you aren’t going to be shook. But I do like it, and for £15 I would definitely buy this product! The shade in particular is one of personal preference I’m not someone that enjoys wearing a pink or deep blush, I like a subtle blush, I’m too pale for a vivid colour on my cheeks I think. This is a nice subtle peach. For those of you who have my instagram you could see a swatch off it from my story! I applied this product by firstly applying a few little lines and blending out with my finger. This product does blend out easily and can easily be added to if you wanted to make the blush stand out more! Just apply up to your own personal preference! There’s nothing really I can add to this because it is just a nice simple option for a blush. If you’re trying to save some space in your makeup collection a few of these crayons will take up less space than a full palette of blushes or individual blushes! Approved by me! 10/10 for a blush!
  • Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner (charcoal) perfect for your waterline. This will not budge! Doesn’t smudge. Doesn’t move around. I love this for my waterline. I don’t know if the following is a positive or negative for people but it isn’t a deep black. The shade is charcoal, and it’s more of a deep grey or lighter black. I know for me it would depend on my eye look whether that would work for me. I’m wearing it today and I’ve done a more simple look rather than using bolder colours, it works well for a subtle look (Birchbox must have been aiming for a subtle box with this months collection). Easily a likeable product but like I said it may not always be the best for all looks but it’s less than £5, it’s quality budget 7/10.
  • Thermaliv Night Cream… because who doesn’t need ANOTHER step added to their evening routine? Joking, I have no social life so elongated skin routine it is! Okay so I tried this product a few nights ago. First thing I noticed was the smell, I didn’t like the smell of this product, but it’s a night cream I don’t think how it smells is a massive consideration unless it smells overly chemically then I’d be concerned to put it on my face, but it didn’t so we’re fine! I applied this product all over my face and it left my skin feeling really soft once it had dried down! I woke up this morning and my face still felt really soft and my skin hadn’t reacted in a bad way to it, which is normally a concern as I suffer badly with eczema and some creams can bring it out on my face, nothing like that has happened. So if you suffer with dry irritable skin like I do this would be a good product for you. Don’t forget though if you try this product it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use any other creams that are part of your skin care routine such as cleanser, moisturiser, toner, anti wrinkle cream etc etc. This cream will be joining that list! Thanks Birchbox! 8/10 (the smell).
  • Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray... It’s like Birchbox know I don’t mess with my hair, they know I need to break out of my shell and mess with more hair products! And you’ll be glad to know Birchbox I’ve done exactly that. Well I didn’t go mad it’s texturizing spray at the end of the day. For those of you who aren’t aware this spray will act similar to a dry shampoo by giving it body and lifting any flatter hair days, it will also give more of a (I’m trying to think of a word that isn’t texture) look. All I’m saying is this is pointless for if you want pin straight perfect no ‘texture’ hair. I personally tried this spray by washing my hair, letting it become atleast 80% dry, braided my hair and slept with said braid in. Probably about 8 or so Hours. Once I took the braid out my hair had more of a wave to it (my hair is naturally straight). I simply sprayed this throughout parts of my hair and scrunched my hair up with my hand to give it a more textured look (I’m sorry guys I need to learn some synonyms for ‘texture’). I have used wave spray in the past, I understand the premise is some what different but wave spray gives your hair a nice feel. Wearing this I somewhat felt like I had bits of hair spray. Maybe that’s me? Maybe I didn’t work it in enough idk? I’d personally use wave spray or dry shampoo if your hair is flat. Especially given that this product is over £40. Personal preference? That’s too much for a little extra oomph (I got a word) for your hair. Not disappointing but not satisfying. You know when you do surveys and it ranges from strongly agree to strongly disagree and there’s that one in the middle? This is where I would rate that product. It’s not horrible it’s just not for me especially for the price! 5/10
  • Afterspa Amazing Makeup Remover… ‘machine wash before use’. Giiiiiiirl, I’m lazy you don’t even want to know how many days it’s taken me to finally… firstly, remember to put this damn cloth in the wash and secondly to be bothered to do a load of washing cause no ones just washing a small cloth come on. And it is small, it’s like hand sized I’d say.. picture an eye mask, take off the string… that’s what it looks like! The rest of this blog was finished before this damn cloth went into the wash. Why the first step. Why oh why, I’m not into all that effort! I suppose in theory I could have just done it in a quick wash but I’d like to give it a fair shot. So.. I finally washed it. I tried it. I was at first underwhelmed because it honestly just feels like you’re trying to remove makeup with a little bit of water but my makeup genuinely did come on and I had a decent amount of makeup on, it’s actually the most recent picture on my insta, that makeup look. And added detail.. my face genuinely felt so smooth and clean after using this product. So yes it does what it says it will. Will I use it a lot? Probably not due to the associated effort of washing it, I opt for makeup remover and then scrubs and cleansers. I probably always will. That is personal preference not a reflection of the product. I can’t fault it because like I’ve said it did what it said it would 10/10 in that respect but not for me as I’d be constantly washing it otherwise my face would just feel gross 7.5/10 for a personal view!

I genuinely liked this little box, ohh deer even through in some cute as hell stickers, the box was designed beautifully, I shall add a picture in below. To be honest with you guys birchboxes are always pretty. I genuinely haven’t thrown the boxes away because they’re cute (or I’m a hoarder in denial)! Thanks so so much for reading. I hope there was a product listed that you were interested in.

Once again don’t hesitate to contact via my socials, love you guys!

Twitter: beckparko

Insta: beck.px

Rebecca Jayne xo


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