I review my beauty Christmas Presents!


This blog title has been sitting and looking at me for a good two weeks. One thing I LIVE for at Christmas.. giving the gift of makeup. My makeup collection blossoms (poor wording it’s winter not spring) during Christmas time! Soooo, I figured I’d fill you in on some new additions to my family (its makeup, not a child Rebecca).

Got to start with my loved ones.. my favourite piece of makeup to judge.. I mean love and appreciate. Liquid Lipsticks, my collection is forever growing. Side note, if you buy a lipstick storage stand… on average one lipstick holder will fit 2 liquid lipsticks; a gift form me to you. Okay, so, out of my rabbit hole. Stila stay all day liquid lipstick. I was going to add in a link for the set I got because the colour selection was so ideal for me: a bright red, light brown, more on the deep nude side and a shimmery copper colour. I will add in the names of the shades later if this post is published before I get home! I can’t find the set, I originally saw it as part of Beauty Bay’s Christmas sets so I don’t now if it was purely a Christmas set. HOWEVER, these are sold on their own, plus they’re full sized on their own, mine are little. On beauty bay the individuals retail for £10-£16 I’m assuming this is shade dependant.

Review… remember that thing I said I’d do. Moving on… the beauty blogger and lipstick addict deep within me wanted to try these lipsticks on immediately, I even swatched them when I unwrapped them. I opted to try on the red shade on Christmas day to keep up the festive spirit. My bad timing actually meant I finished my makeup just as I was being shouted to go for Christmas dinner, I originally thought this was bad because lip makeup moves when you eat but I was impressed. I did a review of the LOC colour stick as part of my December Birchbox and these two products are so similar, I mean ones a colour stick and ones a liquid lipstick but the products hold up the same. I ate a full roast dinner and I said to my mum ‘Hows the lipstick’ and she said ‘It’s genuinely held up well’. I mean its lipstick not glue, it did move off my lips but only from the centre of my bottom lip, given that I was drinking and eating I expected that section to be disturbed. When not touched it stayed on my lips well, not awfully drying but it will easily come off during eating and you would have to top it up. In that sense the LOC colour stick performed better as it will leave some colour on your lips. But I do have to say I did enjoy the wear ability of this product, especially the more shimmery one. However, this quality is at a price and I have used products with equal and better quality for a lower price point, from brands such as KIKO. Stila is more of a more expensive brand, most of their products do have a higher price point, normally the quality pay out is worth it. Bringing me onto my next product…

Stila New Stay All Day foundation and concealer. Shade Porcelain, £29.50. Yes Stila.. again.. I wanted this foundation because I genuinely love all of my other Stila products, the brand never fails me… up until now. This foundation to me isn’t worth the price point and it just doesn’t perform well, I was genuinely disappointed firstly with the coverage of this product, ‘skin perfecting duo’ right okay. I have bad skin so statements like that have a lot to live up to, don’t get me wrong this does cover some flaws I have but not all and it doesn’t really build up to add coverage, not necessarily awful just not for me and not what this foundation is advertised as. On the other hand, this foundation IS long wearing and DOESN’T sit in lines and does enhance any dryness in my skin. It wears well once its on, but it’s limited to what it’s going to add. If you don’t go for the full coverage look the foundation element of this product will be for you!

Secondary element to this product.. concealer. The top of the lid to this foundation has a compartment for concealer. This in theory is nice. Stila.. I have some alterations to suggest. Firstly, I don’t know about anyone else but when I think of concealer I immediately think of a light concealer for under my eye. Rather than applying the same shade as my foundation, I completely understand using the concealer to cover spots, having a matching shade would be ideal so in some respect I do appreciate the thought process. However, I wouldn’t want to apply this concealer under or over my foundation in a precise manner.  Why? I shall tell you. Its thick, its gloopy,  it’s a no from me. I didn’t like the feel of this product and I did try this under my eye and even a damped beauty blender couldn’t evenly spread this product. I’ve not given up on this yet I need to try this product in a few ways but for now, no, its not something I’m confident to recommend to you guys.


UNICORN BRUSHES!!! I love a decent makeup brush, but the only complete set of brushes I had was a year old set from some brand I’d never heard of, they were and are lowkey falling apart that’s why I buy random brushes as and when I need them. Although, I have debated buying the Gilded collection of brushes from Morphe for £120, I’ve been demonstrating some self control! However, I did ask Santa for a set of brushes from Unicorn Cosmetics, the Royale Brush collection. I have to say these brushes look gorgeous! The packaging is gorgeous, the set of 10 brushes come in a diamond shaped velvet case and that alone explains the £50.00 price point! These brushes have a soft and luxe feel to them. They look good and feel good. Do they work well? I shall tell you!

The first brush I reached for was called ‘king sized’ basically a massive version of a fan highlighter brush. These type of brushes I would prefer to use to bronze or apply a powder contour because you can get a smooth straight line using a brush of that type. This brush I loved, it picked up powder well and dispersed it evenly over my face! This is a recommendation. Next brush.. ‘Off with her head’ this is a large rounded brush, ideal for blush and that is what I used it for! These brushes work similar in that they pick up a lot of powder, even if you tap off any excess a lot of powder stays on this brush. This worked fine with the bronzer as the brush actually dispersed the product evenly. However, with the round brush the powder stayed where it first hit, blending all that blush out was a task and I was so pink faced given the level of the powder that thing picks up. Learning experience with it to say the least! This collection comes with two other large brushes. That I have not used, one is a foundation brush and I’m far too loyal to my Morphe Y6, I may try it at some point and let you guys know!

Okay so 6 ‘eye brushes’. Soft as. All the brushes feel amazing to be honest. The eye brushes follow the same ‘powder overload’ as the face brushes have done. So please I beg, be careful applying a dark eyeshadow with these brushes. The shapes lend themselves to be used to apply a deep impact colour. Although this collection does come with a variety of eyeshadow brushes and shapes. I really wouldn’t rate them much different, they come across the same. Pretty much the same outcome to be honest guys. I’m not going to rate this brush collection badly, when it comes to eyes, because they do a decent job of applying a full impact pop of colour and who doesn’t want that sometimes. Nice little weapons to have in your weaponary! But 6? Could have given more face brushes for the price point. But that’s fine! I really don’t dislike this collection. They’re the brushes you need to bring a weak powder product life! And come on, they’re so petty, so soft. I like them.

Shine bright like my next product! I live for good lighting. I don’t even know how many times in my life I’ve said ‘I hate doing my makeup at night, I can’t get good lighting’. And it’s true, if you say it enough Santa will hear you. Is that a saying? It is now! I have NO idea what brand my next product is (I threw away the box, I know… bad blogger, I’m sorry guys!). But the premise is perfect. For Christmas I got a new mirror with lights around the side, you can adjust the lights to be as bright or dull as you’d like (guys there’s even a little additional mirror that attaches to zoom in, get those PERFECT eyebrow brush strokes). This is in theory a prefect product to ensure you’re always getting the level of lighting you NEED. I love it, I think if you gave me a normal mirror now I’d look for the on/off switch for the lights. It’s what your makeup game is missing, ever done your makeup and moved around your house and your makeup looks a million times different depending what room your in? Yeah same, my bathroom makes me look 10/10. This product ensures you can Makeup is 10/10 in every room. Like I said I can’t remember the brand but shop around and find a product of this type cause GUUURL.

That’s it! That’s all I’ve got for this one guys. Some lovely little additions to my makeup collection and some products I’m going to have to put in that hard work! But remember just because I don’t like a product doesn’t mean it won’t work for you if you try it! And if you have tried it and you love it then keep it on using it! Because makeup is so varied from person to person! Do what you love! Liked this post? Like it, comment, follow my socials!

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Thanks for reading!

Rebecca Jayne xo

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